Daily Mail in cycling shocker!

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  • Because the lanes are shit, often putting cyclists in the most vulnerable position on the road and slower to use.

  • Because they don't want to jump red lights? :)

    Well, that's what you get from poor quality traffic schemes--road users don't do what you expect them to do.

    I've actually been avoiding Parliament Square because I don't want to see in real life what I've seen in the drawings. It's all shockingly badly designed.

  • I tend to use 50% of them - there is one set of Parliament Square lights where it's pointless as you will literally just sit there. The lights for traffic go green and you can perfectly safely proceed in the cycle lane, but the signal is still red for bikes - I use the road here to go around the pointless cycle traffic light and then rejoin the cycle lane to continue. If you stick in the cycle lane it takes several minutes to cover about 200 metres, which is incredibly frustrating and seemingly totally pointless. It's actually this light here in particular (funnily enough green for traffic, red for bikes in this pic): https://goo.gl/maps/M2CFxMJ72vw

    This is only coming up from Millbank and getting onto Embankment, totally fine going the other way.


  • They seem fine to me. And are massively popular with the majority travelling West at least.

  • Ok so I don't actually use these lanes as I'm in West London so I don't have to deal with them... I ride east on Sundays usually where the cycle lanes (if there are any) are still part of the road, which I find fare to middling... glad I don't have to ride these paths in rush hour... just wondered why no one uses them

  • They show a short light filter that I would probably ignore. The long straight bits are used about half a million times every day but the Mail sent someone to take a photo of that bit because they're shit-stirrers.

  • I find them confusing and counter-productive. One of the best things about cycling is making progress on the road, and sitting there during 5 phase changes when I could just use the road makes more sense.

  • What cunts stealing my video for a 2nd time.

  • Introducing Jane Kelly, writes for The Spectator.


    (Re: cyclist pushed into ditch)

  • WaC

  • Jane Kelly: "I have experienced terrifying, fascist behaviour from groups of Lycra men, in London and on country roads"


    I for one certainly haven't seen groups of cyclists going around oppressing entire minority groups, but maybe she considers 'motorists' to be an oppressed minority.

  • Looking forward to her article where she claims to be the victim of political correctness gone mad and/or po faced cycling taliban

  • Hey - she works for the Spectator - don't tell her she doesn't know fascism...

  • A friend of mine was deliberately pushed off his bike last night in Southwark. Probably by someone who saw the video Jeremy Vine (unhelpfully) shared yesterday. I've just given Jane a smackdown on Twitter, and immediately muted her. Most satisfying...

  • That's awful, not mugged or anything? Where abouts did it happen?

    I was thinking the same thing after seeing that video do the rounds, hope it doesn't become a 'thing'.

  • Not sure but apparently it's a short road thar only takes 30 seconds to ride down. Driver sat behind blaring his horn most of the way, then passenger did the push. Car sped off before he could get plate

  • A friend of mine was deliberately pushed off his bike last night in Southwark.

    Not good, sorry to hear.

  • Fascist?!?

    One of those words that can be thrown out to inflame a situation easily.

  • New editor starts in September:

    Which mode of transport is the fastest way to cross gridlocked London?
    A cyclist, pedestrian, motorcyclist, car driver and bus passenger put
    it to the test... so who do YOU think won?

    Motorcylist, cyclist, pedestrian, driver and bus passenger did
    experiment to see who could travel the quickest. The group of five
    travelled from London's Victoria Coach Station to Jermyn Street as
    quickly as they could Results revealed cycling was quickest taking
    seven minutes while riding a bus was the slowest at 18 minutes.

    Geezer does Bromley to Camden every day:


  • ^ Range Rover owned by lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd?

  • Each of the other competitors managed to diss cyclists.

  • Results reveal that motorcycling is quickest despite the headline

  • That article is shit ...

    Gridlocked traffic, irate drivers and a dawn chorus of honking horns... travelling in London is a nightmare.

    dawn chorus of honking horns ? where is this again ?

  • But cycle lanes, built across the capital as part of a £913 million ‘cycle superhighway’ scheme, remain motorists’ biggest bugbear


    *Really?!? *

    Seems the daily mail doesn't just want cyclists out of their way, they want us gone completely.

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Daily Mail in cycling shocker!

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