Greenwich foot tunnel?

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  • It's about courtesy, and old fashioned thing. We will miss it when it's gone.

  • Have I missed something? or is there just some epic trolling taking place.
    Encouraging people to use common sense and accept responsibility for there actions is a good thing, no?
    If you can't be trusted to judge an appropriate time to walk or ride your bike through through a tunnel then there are some bigger questions you should be asking yourself..

  • People can't be trusted to judge.

  • I go through the tunnel every day, and no matter how busy it is, however crowded with schoolchildren, tourists or a coach-load of retirees, half the people in the lift will clip-in before the lift doors have opened, and launch themselves off down the ramp as if it were the start of the Olympic time trial.

    I am sorry to say, I wouldn't trust most of the people who cycle through the Foot Tunnel to wash their hands after taking a shit, never mind make a judgement call on what may or may not constitute safe or courteous behavior.

  • ^+100

    And don't get me started on the knobs who cycle through it with their full off-road, 10,000 lumen lights blazing. In the fucking Summer..

    Traversing the Tunnel (and negotiating the truly appalling displays of parking outside Arnhem Primary Road on the Isle of Dogs) is a daily reminder that loads of people are extra-ordinarily selfish cunts, however they choose to transport themselves..

  • When there's no future there cannot be sin.

    Cyclists have been shoved to the periphery, ridiculed and endangered for 100 years so it might take a while for rational and 'considerate' behaviour to take over.

    If you could get a fine for riding in the tunnel does it make sense to go slowly?

  • The Tunnel appears to have gone downhill now since the Liftmen were replaced .
    If you cycled through the Tunnel the Liftman would refuse you use of the lift.

  • Curve ball time.
    What happened to the £11.5m that was spent on refurbishing the tunnel in 2011?
    North lift has been dodgy in operation for the last couple days and tonight it was 'out of service'.
    Where did that money go?
    What did they spend it on?
    It doesn't look like they spent it on the tunnel.
    Just sayin'

  • There was some kind of charity event going on this morning, and the tunnel was packed with walkers - I mean proper Oxford Street on a Saturday packed.

    That didn't deter the two belms who were in the lift with me from clipping-in and trying to ride through the crowd. It wasn't possible, but they gave it a damned good go.

    A perfect example as to why you can't leave it to rider discretion.

  • This is going to kick right off in October when Tower Bridge is closed for a refurb.

    And no - people can't be trusted to decide what constitutes bellendery, the tunnel is already testament to that.

  • And no - people can't be trusted to decide what constitutes bellendery, the tunnel is already testament to that.

    This 1000%. Every time I walk through there is someone who whizzes through who I generally overtake on the "hill" inside the park. Cunts.

  • This saddens me, ever the optimist I would have hoped people would be more considerate. It sounds like it may be those who know no better. Have they considered cycle training?

  • Didn't it go on both the Greenwich and Woolwich tunnels? Didn't the original contractors go bust taking the cash with them?

  • That is the problem, there are too many inconsiderate people.

  • It looks like Dean & Dyeball (who were doing the tunnel refurb works) were dissolved by the parent company, Balfour Beatty.­-culls-six-companies-in-major-shake-up/5­044793.article

  • North Lift:

    Out of Service

  • North Lift:


    This thread has high boredom potential ;)

  • This thread is essential. It was cleaning day.

  • The cleaning guys do a really good job IMO

  • There appears to be a growing trend for people to ride their bikes directly into the passenger lifts.

    If you see people do this, and think 'that's clever', it's not, it's cuntish.

    If you currently cycle directly into the lift, please stop being a cunt.

  • Don't the leaks in the tunnel and the ever-expanding cracks in the tiles overhead really make you wonder about the force being exerted on the structure and how, when you're right in the middle, it'll fail disaster movie style and you'll drown in the some of the filthiest water known to man?

  • Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men, if I can see the tunnel is clear I'll ride slowly, if it is busy I'll walk, if it is inbetween I'll use my judgement maybe ride the clear part then walk etc.
    It isn't difficult to be sensible and considerate :)

  • I can see this as an epic movie scene, you hear a loud crash behind you. You look to see a wall of water heading your way. Sprint to the end of the tunnel with the water only meters behind, making it just in time.

  • I believe the Thames is one of the cleanest big city rivers in the world.

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Greenwich foot tunnel?

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