Greenwich foot tunnel?

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  • The tunnel is 2.7m wide and if you have a cyclist coming each way and a ped coming each way they won't all fit

    If width is the criteria 2 peds and 2 peds pushing bicycles would be wider.

    If every cyclist pushed all the way, the space would be fuller overall.

  • The only injury I have ever suffered whilst cycling through the tunnel was when a pedestrian cnut deliberately pushed me off my bike.

  • I agree with @Señor_Bear - I use Woolwich tunnel fairly frequently and there's just no need to cycle down there.

  • ^ This.

  • I was passed by a cycling cyclist in the tunnel and he spat - twice !­/04/01/greenwich-foot-tunnel/

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  • If only there was a way that could have been avoided for you.

  • It takes two minutes to walk it, there is literally no excuse for riding in the tunnel.

  • The tunnels are underwater pavements and we don't cycle on pavements do we ?

  • yeah with NO riding crew but a friend of mine rides if there is no1 in the tunnel (off peak)

    Also I initially though Dov was saying no walking bikes either, almost shat on his BMW bonnet.

  • lets go back to issue at hand, why the fuck arent lifts working? why is greenwich removing LTNs?

  • Suspect Lewisham will do the same.

  • You gotta feel for the people who have their traffic 10x overnight from LTNs popping up around them.

    Go down Croxted Rd any weekday morning now. It’s bumper to bumper.

  • We do when someone arbitrarily paints a bicycle symbol on them and declares them ‘shared use’.

  • we have a consultation on at the moment, really hope they dont :(

  • The lift operators had it right: be a dick, and you're walking up the stairs; ride slowly or scoot, give way to pedestrians or walk when it's busy, and you're fine to get in the lift.

    Yes. I remember.

    Courteous cycling permitted - pedestrians have priority - Now that is a great idea but the problem is a society of fuck you you can't stop me. So we make laws for the lowest common denominator.

  • I used to use the tunnel, with no lifts, and cycled when there was no one else in the tunnel, if there was someone there I pushed the bike.

  • If you work deliveroo/uber eats in the cutty sark area there are often orders that require you to cross the river (or at least they did) - there's only so many you can decline on a shift...

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Greenwich foot tunnel?

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