Brighton Hard Court Bike Polo - Official Thread

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  • The rules only dictate that bikes should not pose a danger to other players.

    And here's me sharpening my bar ends.

    Just bought a golf club from the YMCA, managed to snaffle some pipe from the gas works down my road. Just need to fit it all together now!

    Depending the size of pipe I got is ok I have some spare

  • dibs on spare pipe if its going, rich. just rode home on my newly built polo wheels. maxing out at 7 mph? lovely

  • I need some pipe too..
    Thinking of getting one of those 20 inch fixed bike, that should be a laugh, not so great at protecting goals though.
    I think I do need a long fork and a 26inch wheel, that shouldn't be too hard to find. Actually I think I've got one already, just neet a fork! awsome!
    but then I'll also need a proper bike to commute, ah dammit.

  • Just measured the pipe I snaffled from the gas works and its a massive 90mm outside diameter. I have a feeling that's too wide. I will see if I can get hold of some smaller diameter stuff tonight, saw it as I walked past yesterday but didn't pick it up. Should still be plenty of spare but I will check.

    Also just cruising the bay for some ski poles after a fruitless attempt to track some down in charity shops on Sat. Are we still playing Wednesday?

  • 63 mm is the usual.

  • @ Rich - Thursday is polo day

  • Shit. Thursday might not be good but I will try. Got some new bars instead of the stabby bullhorns

  • Got some more pipe, just under 65mm outer diameter. probably enough for 3/4 mallets. I'll bring them down when I can if anyone is interested?

  • dibs

  • likewise

  • who's in today?
    I'll be there but I have nuff work to get done. Therefore, I'm gonna be out after like half an hour or so.

  • See you on the court.

  • Okay, actually, gonna have to tap out on this....
    Can someone come to my house and pick up the mallets and ball?
    I'm at 11 Kemp Street, 07772251998

  • Well annoyed about everyone's failure to make today happen.

    I'd been in the library all day, polo was my study break and the only light at the end of an otherwise bleak tunnel. I can't believe everyone flopped so massively.

    I'm now back in the library and pissed off.

  • I arrived at about 18:45, no-one was there and so I turned around :(
    Week-end session I too will need a study break.

  • Sorry to the dudes who we met on the corner of Preston Circus yesterday. I do really want to have a go at polo, will try to make it down promptly next week. I also would like to organise some casual track nights on the lovely Preston Park ring :)

  • It was nice to meet you guys anyway, how was the track?

  • The track was good fun. It'd be hilarious to have a lot of us up there. I'm thinking stupid races, relays, the lot.

  • Relay with polo mallets win.

  • Relay with polo ball should be even more interesting!

  • Pre-Great Escape Polo on thursday then?

  • gettttting the cans in.

  • ill be there

  • OOOOOOoooooh yes! What time? I've got the day off

  • Wanna start early rich? If it's sunny go down after lunch and knock around till the others arrive?

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Brighton Hard Court Bike Polo - Official Thread

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