Brighton Hard Court Bike Polo - Official Thread

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  • Brighton Hardcourt Bike Polo currently takes place on Wednesdays & Sundays.

    Brighton polo is the second biggest scene in the country after London, with over 14 players regularly attending sessions. We hold an annual summer tournament, normally in June.

    Fore more information, see our website or contact

    Wendesday - 6-9pm @ University of Brighton Falmer campus. Marked as 'hard courts' on this MAP

    Sunday - 12am-dark @ Preston Park basketball courts MAP

    Currently our Sunday session is less formal and anyone is welcome to show up and play. If it's your first time and you want to have a go, you can usually borrow a bike & mallet.

    Wednesday nights are slightly more restricted due to the booking taking place through the university sports club. This also means that there are restrictions on the bikes and safety requirements (sort of). You're still welcome to come, just let us know and be willing to modify your bike or borrow one.

    See you on the court.

  • how was yesterdays polo?

  • good knock around, 4 of us, just honing our skills/falling over.

  • So.... who is down on sunday? add your name to the list





  • We spoke to some Israeli guys at Cranks, they said their gonna come down on sunday too



    1. woody
    2. Toby
    3. Robin
  • spoke to two of the guys that were volunteering at cranks, they want to come by tomorrow aswell, one used to race speedway and was horrified at Toby using a speedway as a polo bike

  • 1.Nick

    1. woody
    2. Toby
    3. Robin
    4. sorethroat - coming from Barnham so dependent on the state of the trains on Sunday
  • cool, easily get a 3 on 3 going, just got to hope we can get a court now, if anyone is going down early try and look scary and grab a court call me if u need me to come early, I will try to be down about half twelve.

  • cool ill try and swing by about 12.30ish then, the more bikes on the court for the longer the easier it is too keep the court

  • Right I've got a 24t sprocket and a 26t sprocket for you guys. First to pm me and have the money on Wednesday gets them.

  • too cold for bbq ! but im gonna head down for 12:30, is it better to ride fixed or free?

    ps does the forum look in a weird format to anyone else or is it just on my Mac?

  • fine to me, and I am on mac try zooming in or out, I will be down there at 12.30

  • nick are those bars OS? if not i'll pop down to ldn rd first still bring them i might have to shim 'em might end up cheaper getting another stem.

    nope everything is in a different font and huge! its quite nice tried zooming...

  • Trains are buggered today, can't make it. Have fun

  • loving the chatter in the background..
    Some good games played today guys

  • im shit but addicted, brakes off risers on... no spd's see you tuesday and wednesday... i think polo is about to take over my life

  • So far woody has dibs'd one of the sprockets (he doesn't mind which) so does anyone want to take the other one? Only £5

  • shotgun.

  • I'm running up a site just to host our photos, videos and trash talk. which will be launched on

  • me and toby are going for a knock around at 3 if anyone cares to join us

  • loving the organisation!
    ...who has any ideas for tshirts?

    sorry i had to leave so soon. pub lunch to get to.

  • Place - **Preston Park **


    Days and Times:

    Wednesday - 5pm

        3 on 3 throw in

    Sunday** - 1pm

        3 on 3 throw in

    This will obviously depend on attendance etc....

    everyone welcome, every type of bike welcome, usually spare mallets available, beginners very welcome....


    your mate LNDGrowler not posted here yet Nick ;)

    Good effort on this BTW, i will be down to play at some point.. we'll do a WELO tour

  • Im shitty at design but if we're doing shirts as well maybe we come up with a saucy team name? like SF have Axles of Evil

    If there is going to be shirts can we pull all the design stuff together? so it looks a bit uniform?

    Im going to do some shooting practice tonight- i really aint got a clue what im doing!

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Brighton Hard Court Bike Polo - Official Thread

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