Fixed mag 4

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  • Anyone got one in Manchester? i know they had their launch party so are they out yet? the last one was a bit wank but it still like to see #4

  • Yeah... i swung by the launch and grabbed a couple (literally) you can have one if you promise to share it with whoever wants to read it...

  • We've got a couple in the Bikehaüs you can come and peruse over a beer, if you want. It's nothing amazing but there are some nice pictures; and it smells nice.

  • i can testify to the nice smell

  • dropped off the rest of my stash to bikehaus and bike boutique - they might have one left...

    would have bought more back but ran out of room... brick lane bagels and cheesecake were more important

    @ morgan: a cuppa wouldve been nice... beer wouldve been better...

  • Craig why didn't you ask dude! I was pretty hanging didn't really think about it. I'd just put a full case of cobra in the fridge as well! Pop round for a beer next time you're in the area, someone will be in!

  • wouldve been impolite of me.

    get learnt manners morgan...

  • I'm sorry mate, I feel really bad though!
    I wouldn't have considered it impolite at all if you'd asked, but it was my prerogative so I'm sorry.


  • i feel real sorry for those hard working catholic nuns what brought you up

    you should be ashamed of yourself


  • i've read my copy and if anyone wants it, they're welcome to it.

  • I would like 2copies if anyone has spare?
    Mr Nasty, are you still working at PX?

  • i can ask fgl if they can send me some more up...

    i no longer work @ px. pm me if you want the lowdown... put it this way, i'm a lot less stressed ;)

  • did anyone read that lfgss email, aparantly bikehaüs MCR is a fixed mag stockist :D

    "The PDF of the magazine isn't publicly available... it will be through their web in the next week or so to the world. However they're giving a special sneak peak to all LFGSS members and you can find that here:­ml#post939403

    Some places that have hard copies:

    • London

    • Shop 14, Trumans Brewery, Brick Lane.

    • Brick Lane Bikes

    • Cavendish Cycles

    • Brixton Cycles

    • Holloway Cycles

    • Manchester

    • Bikehaus

    • Bristol

    • Fifty Fifty"

  • got one copy spare...

  • ill take it off your hands nasty?

  • sure thing

    pm me with an address

  • got one copy spare...

    awww... too late. anyone else have spare copies?

  • Yeah, got 2 somewhere.....

  • dangeruss, if l could take em it would be sweet. Bit busy this week but maybe l can collect @weekend at you convenience? Cheers, paul

  • tut tut... v.naughty!

  • on that tip i got pdf of fixed gear 101 from vice magazine from a coupla years back - if anyone wants pm me your email address and i'll send

  • oh god that's bound to be a fucking laugh - mechamorgan at me dot com please Nasty!

    Oh and I'll PM you my number like I said I would, I've got a cottage pie I made needs finishing with a beer if you're about.

  • fixed gear 101 is good!

  • im in london at the moment but if anyone wants some copies of fixed 4 then tell me and u can pick em up from bikehaus when im back next week x

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Fixed mag 4

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