Thinking of racing? Here's what's required

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  • Sounds like Jimbilly. He loves his luggage rack now. And he's fast. :)

  • Bloke called Scott Gilchrist. A rower and trainee chiropractor: he'd moved down our way to study and there was nowhere to row so he started riding a bike. He was quite good at it.

  • I tend to race at Reading (Palmer Park):­
    quicker (bike in car) than HH from Ealing. Plenty of sprinty events in their regular league.

    I'd recommend Twickenham CC (my home club) and Kingston wheelers as the best & friendliest clubs in the west.

  • Can I mention the LVRC for older riders. Yearly membership was about £15. Don't be fooled into thinking that these old guys are gonna be slow is all I can say.

    Also Milton Keynes Bowl, just up the M1 for you lot. Tuesday nights LVRC crits and Thursday nights BC crits. A very fast oval, though sometimes the service roads are added into the race just to shave a few mils off your LOOKs.

  • Oops:

  • Steve (Flash) from RPLZ took those shots. Compare these 2 shots in the sequence, and see that the blame lies squarely with Mr. Orange. Nice racing line, you fucking dick :/

  • I was watching from just about where they are lying in the second photo with my 7 year old (who had finished racing in the juniors). I was fortunately watching and managed to grab him by the scruff and get most of him out of the way. He has a rather impressive bruise on his thigh where he got hit by Mr Twickenham's helmet. It all happened very very fast.

  • Trying to reconcile with the results, it would appear that the villain could be a Jacek Reder, private member, who finished 3rd...

  • cheers for all the advice on this thread

    just got my gold membership, reduced by 13 quid due to club affiliation (rapha first club, rolla 2nd club)

    off to hillingdon on saturday

    am only using the races as training for sportive events later in summer so wont be pushing it

  • Why am I not surprised that you've joined the Rapha Condor club? You tart.

  • P.S. If you're going into a race thinking that you won't be pushing it then I'd save your entry fee and not bother.

  • That what you at the finish when the guy with one leg beats you.

  • i was given the club membership, so an utter tart

    i want to start cycling faster, so doing some races but with no pressure seems like a way to do it

    have a racing partner, so its a matter of the two of us spurring each other on (or probably sitting at the back just being sweary fuckers)

    DJ (giving rapha a bad name since...)

  • That's silliness. If you don't stay in contact with the bunch at somewhere like hillingdon, youre out and on your own.
    Surely it would be better to do your own sessions with your race partner.

    What's the pace been like this year? as I've not got a race until early March. I ask because this winter seems to have had an effect on my mates fitness?

  • Hi andyP didn't look at the tag. How are things going, are you getting your training in, and are you racing?
    I've bailed out of BC road racing and I'll just be doing the LVRC stuff. God knows if it'll be any easier though.

  • what are the regulations for road racing for 16-year-olds?
    i want to start racing, i imagine it'd be fun fun fun.

  • i am doing my first race next sunday.

    the clayton velo spring classic.

    there are some famous names on the start list.

    bit nervous.

  • Cool, don't forget to ask for autographs as they go past!

    Anyway a cracking race and a proper classic. What group are you going off in?

  • Anyone on here race / wants to race at Crystal Palace?

    I fancy giving it a go this year, being as it's just up the road.

    Never raced before so will probably be hanging off the back slowly dying, but WTF..

  • I ride the odd race there, not sure if I'll get the time this season though (or have the legs for it). Illy races there a lot, and got a second place last year.

    It's a tough little circuit and you have to be quite an adept bikehandler, but you should definitely give it a go. I've found that even if you get dropped you normally end up in a small group behind the main race where you can get used to racing the circuit and over a few weeks you should build the fitness and know how to stay with the main group.

  • I'm probably going to try a few Crystal Palace races this year once they start up. Probably going to do my first Crit at Hillingdon at the end of March if I don't chocken out!

  • Did a little recce up at CP the other day, looks like a tricky little circuit. Surface was good on most of it , except for the little bit that has the hairpin on the end...

  • Cool, don't forget to ask for autographs as they go past!

    Anyway a cracking race and a proper classic. What group are you going off in?

    1st group with the cat four riders.

    i am well nervous cos i know i am gonna get pasted.

  • How did you get on? Images on BC.

  • Cheers for the info! Looking forward to doing the track beginner session this sat at herne hill and seeing how i get on...

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Thinking of racing? Here's what's required

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