Thinking of racing? Here's what's required

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  • nice one winston.

  • Does this apply to alleycats?

  • that depends whether you think alley-cats are "real racing" or not I suppose.

  • also, do not ride Michelin tyres on wooden tracks!

    What happens if you ride Michelins on wooden tracks!!?

  • you don't, essentially

    you won't even make it to the banking

  • how come (excuse my ignorance!)?

  • they have no grip on wood, they appear to made form different stuff to other manufacturers, certainly all their race tyres, such as the pro race (formerly axial pro) and their service course tubs are completely useless....I'm not exaggerating on the "not making it to banking" either...I've tried.

  • thanks for the explanation - I'm unlikely to be riding on wood but am a big fan of Michelins on the road, worth knowing they have limitations! cheers H

  • I rode with a new front tyre on the wood at Newport with similar results - a bit of a ride outside to scrub it up a bit and there was much more grip on the boards!

  • Brilliant. The sooner we get some of these bloody hipsters in Lycra the better. Don't forget Hogg Hill. It has a winter series and Cat 4 only races so great for beginners. I can thoroughly recommend Dulwich Paragon for the South Londoners. Loads of stuff going on.

  • Have to agree that racing is one of the best ways to make use of that fixie. Any of you who can make it down to Preston Park in Brighton for next years track league would love it. Great atmosphere and the simple pleasure of just tanking it as fast as you can with no brakes about 10mm from the wheel in front :-)

  • Don't you have to have your bars wrapped, or gripped as well?

    Could someone clarify wether champ style grips on the lower portion of the drop is ok for racing at herne hill for example (ie track racing), or if you must tape the whole damn thing.

  • Champ style grips are fine, but ensure you keep the ends on them or you'll need to fit bar plugs.

  • Champ style grips are fine, but ensure you keep the ends on them or you'll need to fit bar plugs.

    thanks mate.

  • Cheers for all the information.

    Been riding fixed and single speed for ages, but want to do some track days at some point.

    So this has been of great help.

  • suggest putting a note in re the need to remove racks

  • Hogg Hill 4th cats only. A great place to start racing.­-winter-league/

  • suggest putting a note in re the need to remove racks

    Remove luggage racks before if anyone would turn up at a race with a rack on!

  • great post - shame I live about as far as its possible to be from any track in the UK :(

    would love to get to a session to learn the basics, so maybe a trip to Manchester is in order over the winter...

  • good info

  • nice post man!

  • Thanks for this, really useful!

  • Really helpful thank you

  • I did one of the Winter League races recently and have been placed wrong meaning im missing out on BC points.
    Whats the best way of trying to change this?
    I have emailed the Organiser but not sure how much that will help.

  • A friend of mine turned up for a race with his lugggage rack on. Apparently he couldn't be arsed to remove it for the race. It was funny watching everybody else in the race doing double takes and then checking to see if he was racing or just some cyclo tourist who'd got caught up in the bunch!
    He came sixth.

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Thinking of racing? Here's what's required

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