Thinking of racing? Here's what's required

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  • I'd echo what @skinny says about joining a decent club with good support for young riders.

    How experienced is he in riding in a group? Sometimes a lack of bunch riding skills can see you spat out the back even if you have the right level of fitness to be able to stick the pace. Knowing how to hold your place in a group and always be moving up takes time and experience.

    Are there are any closed circuits near you where he can race against kids his own age? They are great for learning bunch skills and if you get dropped you can sit up, wait for the bunch to come around again and jump back in for another attempt.

  • Hey thanks @andyp, good suggestions. He's done a little bit of group riding, but not really anything competitive but as you suggest these are things which he can develop more. Those are really good points and i thank you and skinny for replying. I think you both spot-on, e.g on sunday race he started in front of bunch position in neutral zone, and stayed toward the front for a bit - then he said that the road kicked up hill a bit, plus massive headwind, which then saw him spat out. I reckon that the more experienced guys probably knew what was coming and sheltered at that point.

    We'll check a few clubs locally, and see whats around for racing for his age group. Thanks again.

  • This has so many truths, enjoy..

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  • Lost me after 'Get Bike'.


  • I haven’t read this thread from page one. Note Racing is possible with British Cycling. I once received a great email about a cycling divorce sent to competitors / entrants of the eastern road race league.

    To start with you will need a silver licence. Costs for entry are very high. Be careful of joining cycling clubs which are rife with bullying and petty arguments. There’s a lot of competition involved with British Cycling, however, some are forced into the sport without any choice.

    The races are dependent on experience and category. Fourth and third category races are as far as I got. The best races are the ones you feel most comfortable in. You can try flat or steeper circuits like Hogg Hill in East London. Hillingdon is a good west to east circuit. I wouldn’t know about achieving much in races.

    Who is this Will character?

  • Ah yes Hillingdon...

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Thinking of racing? Here's what's required

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