Thinking of racing? Here's what's required

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  • Helpful info. Thank you.

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  • anyone know of anything around basingstoke ?

  • rule 15, check your seatpost bolt

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  • Can someone show me the rule that says racers must wear their club/team jersey?



    Section 8

    8.1.2 When competing under these Regulations riders
    (other than as provided in T.R. 8.1.8 and 8.1.9)
    shall wear Club or Region registered design and
    colours, as is appropriate.

    8.1.9 In Road and Track events, Youth, Fourth and
    Provisional category licence holders and BC
    non licence holders will be allowed to wear
    any suitable clothing whilst competing in
    events under the Technical Regulations of the
    Federation, including that bearing registered or
    unregistered advertising except in the case of
    National Championships when they must comply
    with T.R. 8.1.1 to 8.1.6. However protective
    headgear must be worn in accordance with T.R.

  • Does anyone race in LVRC events ? I'm 45 and stumbled my way to 3rd cat seven years or so ago and not raced since.
    How do you find the racing compared to a BC 3/4 race ?

    Get an itch to race every now and again, and the LVRC are running a closed circuit crit close to me in September which I could attempt to get fit for

  • I think @Brave does. From what I've heard, from friends who ride them, the standard is high, lots of good bike handlers and many riders with years of hard earned experience of racing.

  • I do and cannot recommend them highly enough @Ste_S. In fact I don't even bother with BC races anymore. As @andyp says they are a very high standard with riders having decades of racing behind them. The added bonus is they are a damn sight more friendly than BC races and although raced hard they also have a balanced level in that it's not taken too seriously either. Plus they are much, much cheaper compared to BC races. Race wise I would say they are mostly a 2/3 level in terms of speed and tactics. Regional and National champs can definitely be E/1/2/3 level. Might sound weird for 'old boys' but as I say these guys have been racing for decades and for the large part don't fuck around when it gets going.

  • Thanks both. The level of experience in LVRC races sounds reassuring having had some interesting experiences in 3/4 races in the past. The cost of entry also good - it'll probably be my only race of the year as perhaps a taster to see if I want to do some proper training for next year. That they're at a 2/3 level is somewhat scary though..

    I might enter a couple of local 10mile TTs on my road bike to see where my fitness is at and go from there

  • This popped up on my Facebook page. May be of some interest to people.!/tony.orrell.­7?hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf

    Guy looking to put together a women's team for next year.

  • Great post, thanks.

  • Did one master's race this year a boy it was hard. I enjoyed it and will do more next year. BC races are mostly fine I think. Some are a bit hairy but I have managed to dodge the crash bullet so far long may it continue.

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  • Bit of a dredge post, I’m after a bit of help / advice from anyone with race experience please.

    My son, 16 years old, loves bikes and wants to race.

    The two BC cat 3/4 races he’s tried he’s been dropped and DNF after a few miles, just too strong a pace for him I think.

    He’s young and pretty fit - but It seems just not fit enough to be competitive at that level. I’ve suggested to him that he works on his fitness with my help, I’m thinking that he should do long-ass club runs and do intensive intervals and try to get used to the intense pace from the start. Also club people may well have experienced racers and be able to stretch him a bit (I can’t )

    It’s great that he has a passion and enthusiasm for something so positive and healthy, and I don’t want him to be put off too much by the first couple of race he’s done.

    Am I right in this advice? Anything else I should be suggesting to him? Many thanks in advance

  • Where do you live? Get him into a good club with a support network.
    Things like race training at genre hill might be good. It’s entirely possible he’s fit enough but does not understand how to race, and is wasting energy.

    At 16 riding bikes should be fun, so find what he enjoyes and do that. Don’t turn it into something structured and suck the fun out. I’ve seen so many juniors burn out and quit due to a myriad of similar reasons.

    VCL velo club londres based out of herne hill are possibly one of the best development clubs for kids in the world. Though there are many other good ones in London, and if vcl are not near you I’m sure they’ll be able to suggest a good local club.

  • Hi thanks @skinny thats great.

    We live not far from you (so I found out when i saw you on look east) - Colchester.

  • Ah cool. No idea about colchester, but there must be a good club around. Riding and training with youth of his age or a bit older would be great and fun.

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Thinking of racing? Here's what's required

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