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  • Back again at 4.30 today

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  • Amazing!!

  • Another friday afternoon, bunked off work early and met a owl again. It screeched at me, which is the first time I have heard a owl of this sort say anything. Why does it get dark when the owls appear? Are the owls not what they seem?

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  • This is so fucking rad. My most substantial owl spot to date has been watching one alight from a fence post and immediately fuck off into the darkness. Probably had the thing in sight for about 5 seconds.

  • Owls mostly hunt at night when other predators are not around . Listen at dusk for the last sheep crow and blackbird to go silent then imagine listening for your food on a silent wing and being able to see in the dark.
    Seeing one during the day means they are hungry . 3 voles per night minimum .

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  • Indeed - and part of the reason for these photos being so grainy and blotchy is that I was cranking the gain up to 12800 ISO. The blackbirds did overlap with the owl, and I saw a mouse in the grass shortly before owl appeared.

  • Yeh they don't like going out in the rain as they don't have waterproof feathers, so if you have had a few wet nights they start coming out earlier or staying out in to the day time

  • Went owling again. One of its dives was about 20 feet away and I heard the thwunk of owl hitting vegetation. It then flew within 10 feet of me, apparently unaware of my presence.

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  • apparently unaware of my presence

    Looks like they clocked you in that second shot!

  • Yes indeed, it was watching me closely at that point, but then seemed to forget about me before its close dive.

  • Today there were two of them

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  • Brilliant - keep the pics coming!

  • Last shot of the day, 1/60s hand held at 400mm with no image stabilisation, just lots of shots deleted due to camera shake.

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  • And again

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  • I presume you have logged your sightings with the local barn owl group . It all helps

  • No - thanks for the suggestion, I see there is a group in Aylesbury.

  • Just now

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  • Second pic is great

  • Thanks - owl appeared slightly earlier than usual today.

  • Sadly no pics but a barn owl flew over me on Sat night as I was smoking a fag. Haven't seen one for years.

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