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  • Look at these fuckers they're well good.

  • The Owls are not what they seem!

  • Owls are shit hot.

    Appropos of anything?

  • The Owls are not what they seem!

    Twin Peaks is shit hot.

  • I was once behind a normal-looking white van in Streatham which had the biggest mother of an owl in the back.

    True story, that.

  • How big is the biggest Owl?

  • rockin!

  • I bloody love owls. I have been bang into falconry in general this Summer, visiting two birds of prey centres and watching the display at the Chatsworth country fair last week. I was disappointed to learn that owls are quite stupid compared to hawks and eagles though, contrary to popular belief. I like a good barn owl personally; here's me eyeing one up in Cornwall:

  • How big is the biggest Owl?

    Tawnicus Gigantius.

    Max 2 Metres in Girth. Only has a wingspan the size of a sparrow's and bollocks the size of melons, which unfortunately prevent it from flying.

  • OMG look at this owl. CRAZY...

    And these ones. WOW.

    What about these colourful fellas. AMAZING. Who says a dog is a man's best friend. Oh no sir its these cheeky fnckers..chirp chirp!

  • What about the Owls?


    - Fast Show Rambling Hiker[/ame]

  • he's done the grand slam in one day ride

  • i saw a falconary display where the chap running it looked after an owl from birth and the owl decided walking was better then flying so walked every were. they rock

  • love this thread. the sound of owls at night when youre camping is the best.

  • Whilst trying to sleep rough outside Pisa airport I saw a huge white owl on a lamp post, we quietly stared at each other for a moment and then he flew off. Amazing to see such a large owl in a city.

  • 'Basically zero maintenance grass'

  • they also had a flight display with the quickest bird on the planet. a Gyrfalcon. lives in the artic and basically flys in circles in the air untill it spots its prey, then dives at incredible speeds straight into the prey, smashing its bones.

    They have an extra thick skull strong compact neck and tiny brain. so doesn't damage it self pile driving prey.
    on the flip side they have short attention spans and just chase what ever moves and extremely high speeds. combine that with their ability to fly long distances and you a bird that disapears and gets lost all the time.

    To see one in full attack flight just above you head is amazing, the power and speed at which they turn is breath taking, their tail feathers act as a huge rudder allowing them to pull of hairpin turn at 240mph... fucking incredible!

  • owls please
    lets not derail this thread

  • I think you'll find that the Peregrin is the fastest animal on the planet, Greasy.

  • owl

  • ^ that was a re-rail.

  • [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yps7pgq1T­Ak"]YouTube

    - Sophisticated sonar of wild owls hunting in the arctic forest - BBC wildlife[/ame]

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