Puerile sexist shite

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  • Thanks, yeah that what I meant.

  • “resolved” forum meme incoming

  • Since I've neither seen this advert nor 'Black Mirror', I don't know how the sexism works here (apart from a few of the points in the article), but it seems to have been a bit of an own goal for the company:


  • nearly $1bn was wiped off its value on Tuesday

    The advert, which has been viewed almost 2m times on YouTube

    What, so one video view = $500 off the share price? These valuations are absurd.

  • There's a thread on Twitter that parodied Peloton's ridiculous marketing. To me the video was more of the same, asking to be derided of course, but I did not see the sexism in it.

    @frankenbike if the X amount of shares lose Y amount off their value then X x Y total value has been wiped out. I think. I'm not a capitalist.

  • has reached such a pitch that $1.5bn has been wiped off its value. On Tuesday its shares fell 9%, and by lunchtime on Wednesday the shares were down another 6%.

    It's actually been updated. My point was though, 2 million people watching a video is enough to wipe nearly $2bn off the valuation. That is clearly bonkers.

  • This is a rather abstract analysis, given that the ad is embedded in the middle of the article you just read and linked to.

  • The biggest question I have is how a company that sells exercise bikes has a share value over 2 billion in the first place.

    Bikes that don't even move.

  • Of course, but why would I click on that if it's a shit ad for a product I have zero interest in?

  • This is the company famous for other such PR master strokes as trying to copyright the word “Peloton”and not paying royalties to the musicians whose music is broadcast on its platform.

  • I know it’s not the same

    well there you go then

  • share value over 2 billion in the first place.

    Not $2bn - that's only %15. Total is ~$10bn!

    I mean, it's fucked. They've sold 577,000 bikes at £2000 each which is a bit over £1.1bn. If every single bike owner is paying the £39/mo fee that's £270mn revenue annually. Then there's another ~$9bn of mysterious value somewhere in there which I guess represents "potential". From the $9bn potential they lost $1.6bn because of this single advert that's been viewed a mere 2 million times.

    I don't pretend to know anything about shares or business but clearly something's very wrong with the system that allows these massive billion-dollar blunders in share prices/tech IPOs/etc. Some people have too much money I guess.

  • Me: [glues an iPad to an exercise bike]
    Gullible rich idiots: [shutupandtakemymoney.jpg]

    See also: WeWork, Theranos... actually, fuck it, most tech ventures since 1996

  • Peloton is valued so much because potentially it can get another screen in to folks' faces through which they can be served streaming services, adverts or buy shit and the platform takes a low risk, easy money cut.

    Everyone is desperate to be the next platform. Get in early and you can make a lot of money. Obviously you have pick the right emerging technology and clearly a lot of people think Peloton has potential. Personally I don't but there you go.

    I don't pretend to know anything about shares or business

    Oh really?

    but clearly something's very wrong with the system that allows these massive billion-dollar blunders in share prices/tech IPOs/etc


    Pffft. Peloton listed at .29 a share apparently. So they put roughly 10% of it on the Nasdaq. Which was duly bought. It immediately slumped 13%, the third worst trading debut in history for a co. that raised 1Bn - then traded around that .20 figure for a while.

    In November, something happened that increased its value by around 15% taking it above the IPO price. There followed a sell off which is attributed to that advert but given the timing its likely a combination of early investors taking back their capital + a bit of profit and those who bought low taking a nice 15% from whatever triggered the bounce.

    So is there really a blunder, other than some people don't like the advert *? You know what they about publicity however...

    * or you bought its stock

  • Fucking hell the advert is properly shit though.

  • Ipad? Laadefuckingdar.

  • got to appeal to the golf club set tho, innit

  • Pelotons ars actually modern day pampas grass. They're for married couples that like to open up.

  • Absolute non-story with an incredibly misogynistic headline.

  • This seems to me definitely misogynistic:


    The author of the new Ardern biography, Michelle Duff, wrote in the Spinoff that the campaign is unequivocally sexist and another attempt to “silence women”.

    “#TurnArdern is just another manifestation of this simmering hatred of women that lies just beneath the surface,” Duff wrote. “The fact that a group of men are so threatened by the image of a powerful woman that they can’t even bear to look at her face is not really all that funny.”

  • Brrr ... this 'pick-up artist' stuff is just the pits:


    Love Chloe Sargeant's style of book recommendations. :)

  • Sports keeps on giving, pretty much paradigmatic sexism here:


    I found the positive response to Fallon Sherrock beating men at darts encouraging, but I suppose women's football doesn't quite have the novelty value and football is probably seen by some as totemically masculine.

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Puerile sexist shite

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