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  • One thing I've just discovered he's done that I can't explain is... He's filed slots into my very expensive Mojoaxe compensated bridge... WTF?!? Was the string spacing out? It's fucking bizarre, I don't get it... Did Mojoaxe send me the wrong bridge? I ordered the 50s one!!

    This guy clearly loves to make decisions on behalf of his clients without any fucking consultation... It's fucking weird...

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  • Does anybody use quick release strap locks? Like these Schaller Guitar S-Lock, I'm doing a lot more sofa playing and the strap I've got is a pain to get on and off, but if I leave it on, it's really stiff and uncomfortable. Any recommendations for quick release, or just get a new easier strap to remove?

  • I used to use those; they worked fine and were perfectly secure but I found they do slightly change the feel of how the guitar hangs as it's a relatively loose metal on metal connection, so the guitar kind of swings on the axel (which you can also hear if you're playing not plugged in).

    I prefer normal strap pins with those cheap rubber washer type strap locks on top, but I don't remove the strap when playing sat down.

    Edit - though on second look they seem to be new "silent" ones, so maybe they're better. My old ones rattled quite a lot.

  • a quick google says you might file it to finely adjust intonation, but I am about as far from an expert as you can get!
    could the softish aluminium have worn down (that also is a wild guess)?

  • Has he filed the slots in the back of the bridge ? - it looks like the strings don't go straight over it. In which case I guess the string line is the most likely reason?
    Some of those old gibsons had questionable build standards, maybe it's to compensate for that...

    He's a bit of a maverick this guy though isn't he, at least you can replace this bit if you need to in the future!

  • I used to use them as well - they might even still be on the bass. They definitely work, however I found that the shape of them meant that you had to use a strap with the locks on it - a 'normal' strap wouldn't be very secure at all on the buttons. Only an issue if you're actually going to want to use another strap, and it really wasn't a problem for me, just something I noticed.

  • @Lw. & @jgadd Cheers for the feedback. I'm think I'm just going to get another strap which is hopefully a lot softer than the one I have on now.

  • That d string looks like it has quite a kink in it... Very weird.

  • He filed slots into the top of the bridge... You're never gonna get bang on intonation with a wraparound, that kinda goes with the territory, but I have absolutely no understanding as to why this guy would do this... That's part of a Junior's charm, it's close enough... I sent him a text last night, nothing too accusatory, to find out why he did it... He is a maverick, he's also careless and totally arrogant when it comes to his client's property... Who does stuff like this without calling the client first, that's a $250 bridge he's just destroyed!!

    After everything I've been through you'd think he would tread a little more carefully... I'm tempted to out him, maybe people should be aware what a fucking loose cannon he is... He just does whatever the fuck he likes with impunity, no consultation whatsoever!!

  • Oh man.

  • Spoke to him this morning... His justification was a) he was only trying to do the right thing b) it's a mod that he has been using on his wraparounds after ten years of experience with them, it's a big improvement c) I hate to bother clients with every little decision on the job, sometimes it stalls the process, this way I can get a project further along even if it means I have to do extra work I don't charge the client for d) he was only trying to do the right thing...

    Turns out he didn't measure the Mojoaxe bridge and just assumed it would be exactly the same as the generic one that was already on there... Fucking idiot... The holes didn't quite line up so I reckon that's why he's filed it, I think the rest of his story is bullshit and he's just trying to cover his arse...

    I tore a strip off him in my best disappointed manager's voice, all above board, no raised voices... I think I'll put the old bridge back on, it sounded better anyway...

    And I'll put the story up on insta but won't name and shame...

  • What an ass. Sorry Joe. Chalk it up to experience and move on I reckon. It’s still a fucking rad guitar.

  • I don't have enough experience, so I know that this is just piling on with internet diagnoses. Has he put the bridge in the right place - does the centreline of the slots he filed (halfway between the bass and treble e) line up with the centre line of the bridge (halfway beween the posts)?

    Simplest explanation is probably the one he gave - still, I'm really sorry to hear about this. I'm fuming for you especially that it happened the guitar that it did, it's the kind of thing that should be treated with a bit of reverence by people that work on them.

  • the g string on my GWF has an annoying buzz. I've checked the frets, all good - fiddled with the bridge, same results - checked the tightness of the screws on the pickups, nope.

    i'm at a loss.

    Oh and the pickup selector is a bit flaky as well.

    I'd like someone to take a look at it.

    Any recommends in the LDN area that won't Joe me square in the balls?

    is that "rick" guy any good?

    you know. that guy, "rick".

    seen him about. shady af tho.

  • I've got the same on my tele. It's likely the nut and I cba to take it to a tech right now. I read about a little trick where you rip a tiny bit of paper, stick it between the string and nut and tune up. It's sorted me out for now.

  • to be fair i have not tried that, so i will.

    this is worse than the creaky BB that's actually your seat post bullshit from when we all used to ride bikes.

  • Happy to run a shady nonprofessional eye over it...

    TbF I have had erZACTly the same G string buzz problem on my 330 ever since I changed the tailpiece for an original one. It. Is. Unfindable.

  • cheers.

    i was wondering if there's something about the note itself - it isn't.

  • the g string on my GWF


  • His justification was a) he was only trying to do the right thing b) it's a mod that he has been using on his wraparounds after ten years of experience with them, it's a big improvement c) I hate to bother clients with every little decision on the job, sometimes it stalls the process, this way I can get a project further along even if it means I have to do extra work I don't charge the client for d) he was only trying to do the right thing...

    By that logic if someone who owned a boutique built s-type or similar took it to him for a set-up and he happened to notice that the jack socket was not on the scratch plate he'd add one in there because that is where you'd normally expect to find it and it's quicker if he doesn't have to wait to ask the client?

    The finish of the guitar looks amazing but if I were in your shoes I'd be expecting a like for like replacement, even if you are planning on putting another one on.

  • Oh man, I just can't be fucked with him anymore, I'm done with the guy... I'm gonna put the guitar away for six months and come back to it fresh next year...

  • Oooh. mah Bigsby arrived.

    From what I can figure out, there really isn't a way of fitting a B7 to a trapeze tailpiece guitar without drilling. There's no vibramate that does it. Meh, I'm pretty relaxed about it tbh. If Barrie Cadogan is cool drilling holes in his 60s 330, I'm not going to feel bad about doing it to a 90s Korean Epi.

    I'm going to swap out the pickups and tuners are some point soon too.

  • Interesting looking at the quality of materials between the Chinese knock off (B5) and the real deal B7 side by side. Chalk and cheese.

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  • This. When I got my Koga-Miyata refinished it took absolutely bloody ages longer than I expected, the painter didn't paint the gold outlines on the logo as "it wouldn't have looked right" and then when it inevitably got its first chip I discovered the bastard hadn't stripped the frame before painting it and just whacked it on over the old paint. WAC.

    That being said once I got over the annoyance about it I've come to love it and even though it's not exactly as I thought I wanted it to be it's still bloody brilliant!

    I'd let the dust settle and see how you feel about it after a while but leave it out and play it!
    Also; poor form on making the mod to the bridge without consulting you first but if it actually improves the intonation and playability of the guitar I think in the long run it's a good thing (again, when the dust settles you might be glad of it). As you've said before it's not an original unmolested example so might as well have it sound as good as it now looks!!

    It does look incredible, extraordinarily tasteful :)

  • Have decided not buy a shitty living room amp and instead use my Champ. I must have reverb tho so I'm going to make up a little pedal board to use some under-utilised pedal that I have kicking about.

    Pedal Train Nano is the obvious choice, unless anyone has something to flog?

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