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  • Really nice job, mate... ✊

    Branding competition! How many other designers have we got in here? 🤓

  • Amazing work, I hope you have a new career on your radar. Does it sound as good as it looks?

  • Guitar looks great! Can’t wait to hear it.

    3rd dibs if you ever need a graphic designer 😂

  • Got the lad a 3/4 sized squier strat for his Christmas present as he's getting frustrated with his little nylon strung guitar.

    I'm pretty amazed by the quality of it.

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  • Awesome pressie. Are you getting him an amp as well?

  • His birthday is in January so we'll get him one then I think, until then he can use one of mine.

  • #wip

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  • This arrived yesterday - I’ve only had a little play so far, but since the last amp I had was a 2U rack-mounted one, it’s pretty nuts (to me) that it’s so small and not rubbish. I was only planning on getting it to replace my amplug and try and motivate myself back into playing again, but I might treat myself to the matching little 1x8 cab at this rate too.

  • All done, picking it up tomorrow... Mixed feelings but it looks great in this pic...

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  • Balanced on a stool...

    Does look good tho.

  • what are you talking about that looks fucking great.

  • Balanced on a stool...

    Bit of a piss take, eh? Exactly what I fucking thought... 🤦♂️

  • It look beautiful. I really hope it plays as good as it looks.

  • It's home, it's beautiful... He's done an amazing job with the relicing, the crazing in the nitro has only opened up in a few areas, I'm hoping it'll get more pronounced as time goes on... I didn't think there was any crazing in the finish of the body at when I first looked but it's absolutely everywhere and looks great... Much better than the crazing on the Custom Shop black double cuts that came out a while back... Pretty fucking happy, what cracked neck?

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  • I fucking love that dude. Seriously sexeh.

  • Looks amazing!

  • Whoops, just bought a proper USA Bigsby B7 off Reverb. Price was good (although the shipping charge is a piss-take) so I went for it. Reckon I’ll get a Vibramate as well...

  • Fuck. I just paid £140 for just the B7 inc postage. There’s another one on eBay *with a Vibramate*that would be under £170 shipped from the USA. Can’t find a standalone Vibramate for under £80... I’m tempted to buy the US one as well and flip the other Bigsby...

  • Nah, just twigged the Vibramate is the Les Paul version. Will just wait till the Bigsby arrives and see how it fits.

  • That looks the daddy! I love a little crazed nitro.

  • Starting to reconsider selling this now

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  • So after spending a few days with the refinished Junior I think it sounds a lot more polite... Aluminium bridge is the most probable culprit, still sounds great but it's now less raunchy and way more civilised... Sounds great for arpeggios and jangly things but less so for the more punky side of things... No complaints, it's just a bit more refined now...

    The white one sounds like a right hooligan in an A-B test...

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