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  • That is dooooope.


    There’s a wait but his prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the work. Lifetime guarantee too.

  • Wow, that is some spicy pricing!!! Very, very nice job tho', had a little look on YouTube and they do sound pretty good...

    I got my 90s Coloursound Tonebender last year for ~£150, I can walk into Tym's today and buy another one for around £250... That's what I'd be spending that kind of money on... But then I'm an old fart, so... 🤷🏻♂️😂

  • Oh, I’ve just realised he’s put his prices up 20% since I bought mine...

  • I've never got involved in black Friday before, but if ever there was a time to treat anxiety with buying shit, it's now. Any hot tips for bargain gear?

  • I'm buying some bedroom furniture and home security stuff over this Black Friday, might get some Pixel Buds as well... I did say I was an old fart... 👴

  • Good Lord, that’s given me a bit of a stiffy.

  • Whenever I start to wire up on of my guitars, for the first ten minutes this is what I have in mind. So neat

    By the end of course, it's just a case of survival and getting it done!

  • Word. I’m still shit at soldering to the back of pots. Entirely random how good it turns out.

  • When you have to start soldering things to the top of the volume pot. Ugghhh.

  • I made another one of these damn things!

    6-string in Shell Pink, a refinement of the previous 12-string design. I built the neck this time, which went better than I expected.

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  • Damn that is wild! Great job! You must come up with a logo for the headstock, looks a bit nakie without one!

  • I love it.

  • So good. Lovely colour, but such a great shape as well. The neck looks superb on your IG - did you follow the method you mentioned of sanding smaller faces into it?

    You finished it really quickly! It only seems a couple of months since you did the blue one. What's up next?

  • Damn there’s some talent on here! That’s a beaut.

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for someone to do a bit of servicing on my electric guitar? I'm in Manchester (specifically Urmston), and I think I need the cavities shielding and the nut filed/replaced.

    Just picked up one of my old guitars from my parents' spare room and ordered a Vox MV50 to see if having it around makes me start playing it again - but it'll be much more likely if the thing stops humming and stays in tune!

  • @Nahguavkire - Cheers. I agree about the headstock, but I wouldn’t know where to start with a logo (or even a name) I’m no graphic designer.

    @christianSpaceman - Thanks. Yeah, I used the facets method. To be honest, it left it with far too much of a U-shape, and I did so much extra profiling to achieve a C-shape that I’d have been as well just using profile gauges in the first place. One thing I learned for next time is that, contrary to my worries about making an uneven neck, maple is hard and doesn’t produce dents and bumps easily - it wants to keep straight lines, which is helpful!

    It was a lot quicker, yeah. The first one took a couple of months for just the body, this one took a month with the neck included. The experience of the first one enabled me to work quite quickly, and I built the neck while the nitro was curing, so I was able to use my time better.

    Next... not sure. I think I might want to make some kind of a doublecut design, set neck, with brass and stainless steel details, out of walnut. It’ll be next year though, the garage is getting too cold to work in!

    @Jung @Regal - Thanks!

  • Jack’s Instrument Services have been excellent when I’ve used them before for a custom pickguard.

    You can do the shielding job quite cheaply yourself with a roll of conductive copper tape, although the nut work would be a different story.

  • what's wrong with Rodan as a brand...and maybe a branding iron to burn it into the wood

  • Thanks - I'll give them a look

    I did look at doing it myself, but I think for the price I'd be quite happy to have someone 'just sort it' while the nut was being done/anything else they could find.

  • Love it. The colours are great, the deep arm contour is very cool and I think it matches the trem in a pleasing way.

  • set neck, with brass and stainless steel details, out of walnut

    All of this sounds good - look forward to it. I think I said this of your last build, but it's a really nicely proportioned body - so many people do their own shapes that don't work - it's cool that it's only taken two (and really only one) iteration to get it this looking so good.

    You probably know this, but Rothko and Frost will do decals to your own design, and they disappear really nicely under nitro. Make sure the first couple of coats over them are un-thinned though - acetone eats them (ask me how I know....😁)

  • I dunno, I reckon these guys have the name pretty sewn up as it relates to guitars!

  • oh well then...luffguits

  • Was going to mention, the laser must nearly have worn through my CD of Rusty, I played it so much in the 90s.

    I am a graphic designer by the way, if you decide on a name I’ll happily knock up a few ideas for you.

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