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  • I can’t play for shit today. Uncle Larry is killing it.

  • The Champion 600 isn't great, it doesn't quite have that sound we're all looking for... IMVHO, obvs... There are some mods you can do to make it totally Tweed-tastic but they involve switching the transformer and the speaker and modding the board... I was gonna do it til I realised the tranny only came in 110v flavour...

  • Hmmmm. Rethink needed.

  • Great Uncle Larry episode, man, he is so good... Seeing that other vid again has reignited my desire to mod my 600... This video shows an easier mod and the results are pretty good... What do you think? Can you still buy the 600 or is it used market only?

  • edit:

    scrap that I'll defo split it - lemme know if anybody needs any bits before eBay

    Rexter 'silver fox finish' swamp ash Jazzmaster body
    warmoth compound radius neck, wizard profile and side truss adjustment
    Fender USA tuners
    Mastery Bridge
    Mastery Vibrato
    JBE two tone splittable pickups on a push-pull and alu pickguard

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  • Damn that's lovely!

    Are you selling? I have a friend who may be interested in the whole shebang potentially? What's the price and I'll forward on to him?

  • Heartbreaking!

    Also, damn you for not doing this two months ago, before I paid retail for Mastery stuff!

  • Sorry! I really do love it but I'm not enough of a guitarist to justify 2 Jazzmaster's and I really can't bare to sell my other one which just feels right for me.
    PM'ed @Nahguavkire full details, would be nice to see the lot but hard to figure on value

    Up for swaps too obvs

  • Interested in the USA tuners if you decide to split 👍

  • This is juicier than than a jackknife on the pork chop express. Put some sizzle on it indeedy. (uncle larry)

  • GuitarGuitar have a "metal sale" on at the moment that includes a bunch of superstrats, ESPs etc.­-sale/

  • Anyone want to swap a P bass (Squire probably) for my Squire Jazz?

  • I get the diff between the full fat B-7 and the licensed B-70 (cool that they're available cheap from Thomann now). but WTF is the B-700CH? Other B-700's I've found say Lightning Series II and are about £250. WTF are they?

    EDIT. Just figured it out. B-7 is the proper one. B-70 is the "lightning series" budget model, also available licensed versions as above. The B-700 is a different design altogether and seems to only exist in the Lightning series... I think.

    EDIT. Nope. That would be according to the Bigsby website. But there is no mention of the B-700CH on the Bigsby website. It is a slightly different design to the B-700 on the Bigsby site but I can't figure out if it's nearer the cheaper lighning series (plastic bushings) or the OG ones (bearings).

    ALSO - if you look at the pics on Thomann, their licensed B-70 looks like it has bearings rather than the plastic bushings on the Lightning series.


  • Have you done this (as opposed to commenting in general as Scott's Bass Lesson being good)?

    I've played bass for ages but have kind of got stuck in a rut with it in the last year or so. Was thinking about Scotts Bass Lessons for a bit of new inspiration (I've enjoyed his youtube videos previously).

    Do you know if you get everything on the website within your subscription or is it only certain lessons & you have to pay extra for others/special sessions? There seems to be some confusion around it across the web...

  • Princeton reverb has taken up recidence in the living room. Nice to have the option of not having to shuffle off to the basement to play. I think of the sound as pretty lo-fi, with not a lot of clean headroom and kind of peculiar distortion characteristics. Really pleased with it.

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  • Did you make that? It looks amazing.

  • That's super nice! I've never played a princeton reverb - love the sound though.

  • That's a great looking combo, love it! Is that Special TV white? Very nice...

  • Cheers! Can't take credit for the good looks, but I did soldering and assembly myself. The guitar is a MIJ Tokai, from higher-end series with nitro finish and single piece body, great chunky neck profile too. Nicest electric guitar I've ever had.

  • Big Tokai fan here, I've got a couple of MIJs and love them both... I'm always very tempted by the white SG Juniors they make, so cute...

  • The yellow toggle switch is magic.

    Nice looking amp! Shame you can’t see the inside of these things while you’re playing them. I have this Reeves rangemaster that’s point to point wired, occasionally take the back off for a peek.

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  • Ooh, that's nice! And I agree. I'm not a big believer in "mojo" in any objective or technical sense, but having something that's nicely made still affects your (my) perception.

  • A work of art...

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