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  • Also... Sneak peak at the Junior in black, I think this is gonna be okay after all... Much more handsome than cherry... Dat ass...

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  • That looks Killer!

  • That's going to be so cool.

  • Yeah the staytrem arm is a huge improvement, a bigger upgrade than the bridge I think, I have it or mastery on all my vibrato equipped guitars

  • The bridge is great, tried Jag a Mustang versions and neither was any good... I found out yesterday that I should've bought the fixed version of the Staytrem, bit annoyed as I didn't realise it was an option!! I have to make sure mine is tilted back otherwise the intonation is out... The vibrato is really good, easy install too as I thought I'd have to get a tech to do it... Bonus!

  • Gothbson.

    nah doesn't work. looks great tho.

    All guitars should be either black or white or combinations thereof.

  • Hey hey! Good stuff.

  • Aw yeah! Love it, good recovery from a shit situation. How will it look around the front, black pickguard?

  • The fixed version is the same bit with a skinny rubber bushing. Email him and he’ll send you one for the price of postage 👍🏻

  • Mine has a rubber bushing but it still moves, is that right?

    Edit: No worries, just checked the website and I think I'll keep it the way it is... He won't send the nylon sleeves out as a retrofit anyway!! He seems a bit of a grumpy git!

  • I've got the original '59 tort pickguard so that'll be going straight back on... Here's a before shot...

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  • He is a hugely grumpy git! I’ll order an extra one next time I do an order, I get a few a year from him

  • Juniors are the absolute best for raw simplicity I love my SG jnr

  • Been waiting all week for that looper to turn up. Checked my email, no receipt. Checked my paypal, no order. Guess I must have fat fingered the final button push. Annoying. It's not the week before payday and i' don't feel as flush as I did last weekend.

    Fuck it. In for a penny.

  • But doesn't it mean you can't use the vibrato if its fixed? I thought it needed to be able to rock otherwise you go out of tune really quickly... And thanks!!

  • Nah, it’s a bit of a myth, the mastery doesn’t rock either but seems to be the go-to bridge for pro offset playing musicians
    I imagine it does expose flaws elsewhere quicker though like sticky nut or tuners in need of a service

  • I have a problem with black fender offsets I think

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  • I fail to see the problem

  • Yup, they all look fine to me!

  • Is that a Starcaster on the right?

  • Well if you can get me a couple that would be great, no harm in giving it a go... It wasn't something that occurred to me as it's my first Jag and I'm not at all familiar with tremolos (apart from the one on my Strat), I've been a hardtail guy for most of my days...

    Those three look great, I've always been curious about Starcasters...

  • Yeah I love the starcaster but I swapped out the fugly neck straight away (got enough on ebay to fund a warmoth) it’s getting a modded trem at the mo but it’s a bitch to setup...

  • Old holes will be filled and I’ll be drilling a new hole for volume and moving the output jack to the bottom volume as I don’t like jacks on the side of bodies as I play sitting down a lot

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  • Only hesitation is this is a fender, I probably shouldn’t be chopping it up so I might just clean it up and sell as a body then find a Squier to chop up

  • Warmoth make 'Mooncaster' bodies now, go for you life!

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