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  • Nice tune dude, is it yours?

  • Ta! It will be when I finish it.

    It's about a haunted car. Naturally.


  • Your set up sounds sweet!

    I have a ditto and recommend it.

  • Thanks dude. Ditto it is.

  • Went for the new Ditto+. £107.

    It looks pretty great!

  • Wow I’d never seen the plus before! The hard drive is a great feature!

  • In anticipation of lockdown MK2. I treated myself to a NGD.

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  • I do like the flat top LPs - lovely looking thing you've got in a great colour. My dad had a Special for a while, I rather liked it.

  • Awesome guitar. Congrats!

  • Good thinking Batman. P90s mmmm

  • Bootiful. The new Epiphones with the revised headstock are a massive win.

  • That looks cracking.

  • Looks great! How does it sound, what you playing it through?

  • I didn't even clock it was an Epi at first glance.

  • Which, presumably, is the goal!

  • Mmmmm... looking at the exact same guitar myself at the mo. What’s the neck profile like... old-school chunky or slimmer?

  • Glorious! I'm deeply tempted by new Epiphones!

  • Cheers guys I'm over the moon with it. Finish is great all frets nicely polished truss rod doesn't need adjusting all I had do was lower the action slightly, more because I like it that way than it being silly high.

    The only real criticism I have is that while the colour is close to a true TV yellow it's not quite right but for the money (£350) it's unbeatable value.

    At the moment I'm playing through a very old Park amp but have a Boss Katana in the pipeline, which I'm lookin forward to getting me hands on.

  • She’s done and would you believe I’m thinking I should probably sell her? 9 months in the making and now I need to pay for a wood burning stove instead 😆

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  • Absolute top banana. How's it sound?

  • Amazing to be fair - the pickups are splittable with the volume and tone on push/pull pots so it can sound like a lot of things! I’m thinking I might fit a traditional JM pickup in the neck though, I only need that that single / humbucker vibe in one position and the bridge makes sense for that. Also neck JM seems right to me

  • wood burning stove

    Nasty things. Keep the guitar.

  • I think that looks brilliant. Love the finish, and the Masterchef vibrato. ;)

  • 🙃

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  • New Staytrem vibrato works great!! No squeaks, stays exactly where you want it and feels much more solid with way better build quality than the OEM Fender job... Approved!!

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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