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  • Of course I can post the Strat for cost, got a gig bag and a box so easy to ship for £15

  • I'd gotten to the same place myself or so I thought... I think I might have to revisit it though and do a bit of a clearout, I love a lot of the guitars I own (some of them I thought I would never ever sell) but I don't play them and I feel like there are some other things I'd rather have that I would play all the time. More basses and fewer guitars basically!

  • 6 string basses.

    I just can't.

    Move your hands quicker!

  • What comes in and goes out is very organised these days, although I'd like another Bass VI with skinny strings and different pickups and swap out one of the Jazzmasters for a Mustang

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  • frowns in Lemmy.

  • Nope

  • What else you're going to use for your solo that contains ALL THE SCALES.

  • How did you make this picture?

  • I just make them from stock photos and lay them out in a doc. This is indesign but it could be in anything if you wanted to do it

  • We've both got too much gear... 🙃

  • Oh I thought maybe there was a website to make it easy! There used to be one with cartoon/drawings of gear.

  • am continuing my learning how to play badly odyssey by chipping away at the ACDC back catalog.

    this week: Hells Bells. It's got it all! Dumb picky intro bits. Dumb powerchord juggajaaaarrrr bits. Dumb country licks. Such a great tune.

  • That would be useful but this way makes it easier for me to decide if I should or shouldn't buy a guitar - definitely want to get that lineup smaller!

  • Did you build that stealth Jazzmaster yet?

  • I've always had my eye on a J mascis Jazz ;)

  • That Dark Night American Professional II JM… I like it. I like it a lot. Sixteen hundred magic beans though.

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  • Very almost...

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  • This is the third neck I’ve tried, got a stewmac shim in the post (actually 3) and still have to fit this kill button but struggling to commit on drilling the pickguard and also need to fit washers so the toggle and push pull switches are flush with the guard. Put a few coats of clear nitro on the headstock but want a few more to make the water slide edges invisible

    Part of me is tempted to just keep my j mascis and sell this to buy a vintage mustang though 😆

  • Ugh, peak stupidity. I'm finally getting the princeton reverb finished, but I was struggling to understand why reverb wasn't working. It took a good while before realised I had left protective foam padding in the reverb tank so the springs wouldn't vibrate freely.

    There's still a bit of knocking sound from the tremolo, hope there's a way to cure it. Sounds magical otherwise :-)

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  • Tidy! Looks great!

  • That is very tidy, nice scope!

  • Dude - that is clean!! Those heater wires are tight.

  • I really enjoyed this

    video on Youtube. Interesting to see different takes on building a solo, and it makes me strangely happy that there are a lot of good guitar Youtubers. Also, Chris Buck is amazing and I don't think I've run across him before.

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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