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  • I’m looking for for a Roland re201 space echo. Getting harder to find.. anyone have one or know of one for sale around £800? Not after a minter, even consider one that needs work so long as the motor hasn’t burnt out.

  • Sold mine 6 weeks ago! It went for £900 so a bit more than you’d like but they do show up cheap on eBay occasionally... I think I paid just over £500 in 2018 and spent another £100 restoring it.
    I was going to get a dedicated digital replacement but the tape echo part of this is really good!

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  • Ha typical! I can see myself upping the budget to £900. Just kicking myself for not buying one when they were £300 odd. There was a mint condition refurbished one for sale near me for £550 for ages and I thought it was too much at the time. Kicking myself...

    How come you sold yours?

    Edit. Oh god now I want one of those Planetarium pedals as well

  • As is always the way with guitar gear... So many thing I should have bought cheap at the time!

    I sold it because as magical as it was, it wasn’t worth £900 to me. I wouldn’t want to gig with it and incorporating it into my studio gear for general use was fiddly, so it was basically guitar noodling only.

  • Yeah I can see that happening. Just put my name down on the waiting list for the planetarium. So whichever comes first. That pedal is crazy

  • he screws a hook into the strap hole and hangs it with the headstock pointing towards the floor...

    Jesus. Of all the ways to store a vintage Gibson...

  • @>>>>>> Urgh. Well done for keeping your cool man. Not sure I would have been able to. Sickener.


  • Jesus. Of all the ways to store a vintage Gibson...

    This... What a chump.

    All black refin sounds like the best course of action.

  • Probably rather mundane and OTP for the genuine guitar nerds, but this arrival certainly put a smile on my face today.

    Certainly an improvement on my much-buggered-about-with and now dead Squier.

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  • Grats, Performers are nice guitars.

  • Cheers, I'm liking it. Digging the humbucker. Not sure the neighbours are.

  • New guitar day is a great thing to share around these parts, nice one! I always get a little vicarious thrill when one of you guys gets a new plank...

  • Love an HSS Strat, nice one.

  • Nice! Is that the big headstock? I prefer big head strats.

  • I like the big headstocks too. And the hum bucker bridge. And the burst!
    Top work in general.

  • I believe it is the big headstock, yes. It's quite a chunky number. And the frets are definitely jumbo compared to the Squier.

  • You obvs need an SG now... Or maybe a Les Paul? 😉

  • anyone want a mega cheap burgundy Strat? they neck is very very nice and happy to post it

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  • Heh, I quite like that.

  • If I wasn't just about to pay for the refinish on my PRS Custom 22/ finalising the completion of my custom bass/ toying with the idea of buying a cheap 6-string bass I would love this!

    I'd take out that humbucker and swap the pick guard for a single neck single coil though :)

    On those previous points I'm thinking very strongly about purchasing one of these...

    I've got an itch for some R&B/ gospel/ jazz inspired stuff and a bit of an obsession with Thundercat/ Bubby Lewis/ Andrew Gouché that I'll never scratch without a 6-string bass and I can get one of these for €300 which is a bit of a deal (I know well I'll end up replacing the hardware and pickups and painting the top if I get one well with it but they're a well regarded bass so a nicely modded one should be worth what went into it).

    Certainly cheap as chips compared to any of the nice 6-strings that are out there. It's 35" scale which is a pro but I think the string spacing is quite tight (15.5mm) which I'm not wild on, I'd like a 19mm spaced one but they're all bonkers money high end boutique stuff. Nobody makes a stock/ sensibly priced 19mm spaced 6-string...

    For comparison have a look at Bubby Lewis' MTD Haki signature bass which has 20mm string spacing :o

  • Want, yes. Need, no. Need to learn how to play this one vaguely properly first...

  • Love it. Little lord.

  • Serious chops!

    Have a try of this one...

    Andrew Gouché

    and this...

    Bubby Lewis

  • Nice 6 string bass!

    I was looking at the Yamaha 6 string the other day, was quite tempting but I'm currently quite happy with my lineup of guitars gonna be hard to add / remove stuff from it

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