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  • That's good - how did you do it?

  • I like that, tidy... Plastic buttons arrived for the Jag, I think they're cute... This vajazzling business might be getting out of hand now, could be time to stop...

    After the new tremolo arm and the pick-up under the tremolo... Obvs... Been a good guitar stuff day... Apart from leaving my work phone at the guitar shop, that's a 150km round trip I've gotta do again tomorrow!! 🤡

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  • Nice one TS! How does it play?

  • My tuners arrived already. Will def be using that shop again.

  • The Martin? It's really lovely... It was a bit odd at the guitar shop, had a nightmare of a day at work then jumped straight in the car to beat rush hour traffic, then it turned out the Dave I'd been speaking to in the office to tee this deal up was a mate!

    So when I got to a quiet place to try the guitar out I was a bit unsure of what I was hearing, I was a bit freaked out... It was only when I went over to the expensive acoustic wall and tried out all the very posh Martins that I realised the 00 had a sound I much preferred! The D28 sounded so dull by comparison, it was weird... That made my mind up...

    It still sounds a bit rude, I'm sure it'll mellow with time... Much brighter in tone than I'd imagined it would be but the strings are spankers as well, this is straight out of the factory... Happy with it! A much more rounded and sweeter tone than my Kalamazoo and much easier to play as well...

  • Does it have phosphor bronze strings on? I started using nickel wound a while back, they give a less zingy sound.

  • Nice Martin!

  • I had to look them up but yeah, they are... They are very zingy, they'll probably deaden down in the coming weeks but I'll try that next time I change them... Thanks!

  • still plodding away learning open chords etc. everything i play sounds still like christian rock / shit smashing pumpkins b-sides. when do i get to the meedely meedely stuff?

    i haven't bought a proper amp yet.

  • Really not enjoying the electric for some reason. Just not for me. Glad I tried though.

    Due to that, anyone interested in a good as new Player Series Tele in tidepool, double humbucker. Say 450? (Or 490 with the orange amp and cable).

    Gonna use the cash to get a resonator, something I probably should have got instead of the Tele.

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  • still plodding away learning open chords etc. everything i play sounds still like christian rock / shit smashing pumpkins b-sides. when do i get to the meedely meedely stuff?

    15 years playing here and I still sound like that.

  • Practice, practice, practice, then you can relax and party...

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  • anyone wanna start a christian rock band?

  • did he kark it? i remember he was proper poorly.

  • that said, i am enjoying learning a chord, shifting a few fingers about, having another strum and discovering another chord by accident.

    Fuck knows what they're called but they sound OK.

  • Nah, he's all good, still treading the boards, regurgitating the rotting carcass...

  • Nice! Where are you based?

  • I'm down in Portsmouth. I don't have anything to ship with though, but happy to meet at station down the road (on the waterloo / Portsmouth line) or I can maybe take it up on the train to Waterloo for cost etc.

  • How much for the Orange crush? Travelling from Bournemouth to East Sussex this weekend actually...

  • That was part of the fun for me as well. If you want to know what you’ve made, you can find out with an online chord analyser.

    If you’re getting bored with chords, there’s nothing stopping you from starting to work out lead parts. Choose something simple, that you know from memory exactly how it sounds, and try picking it out.

  • ha! that chord analyser wotnot is fun.

    i've managed to learn the "mee deedle deedle deep" and "da dun da dun da dun da daaa" descending / ascending bits from Back in Black that pops up mid-riff. very satisfying to get right.

  • I paid 80 for it, so how about 65/70?

    Still got the box too.

  • Awesome. I’ve been trying to nail that forever. Never sounds right to me. Angus is a fucking genius.

  • Riff Raff was the first riff I ever learned.

    If you want blood version. Genius indeed.

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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