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  • So I've been chatting to this guy in Michigan about buying his Martin, turns out he's a Reverend! He sent me a sound clip on his church's SoundCloud, praise the lord... His playing isn't great but I think I've got a pretty good idea of what the guitar will sound like... So tempted to take a punt once he comes back to me with a couple of other little questions I had...

    It's 11 years old, hardly been played and a AU$800 saving on a new one... $1,800 shipped... Any other advice before I pull the trigger? Should I wait and try the new one? I've got the cash, I'm just cheap... Supply chains are fucked but the new one is (allegedly) on the way and could be here as early as next week... I'm so impatient... 🙄🔫

    Pros: It's already got a pickup and strap buttons on it, I prefer the dot markers to what Martin are doing now, it's cheaper, it's already run in.

    Cons: It's always a risk buying secondhand, there's a little scratch on it, might sound shit...

    I've got PayPal return shipping but that only covers me for the first AU$45...

    So... Yay or nay?

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  • Fuck it... I made an offer, rounded it down to AU$1,800 including shipping... Thirty bucks off his listed price, hope he doesn't get salty about that... It's peanuts after all... His God will forgive me...

    The strings on it are five years old so it's gonna absolutely sing when I get a new set on there...

  • Looks pretty nice to me. Is it a 00?

  • It is, one of the last of the 00-15s before they got the M designation... Just run into a bit of bother with the shipping, the guy's quote is over twice Reverb's estimate!

    Trying some courier services from this end, see where I get with that...

  • I’m thinking of building a little 1w valve amp for the living room. Same front end as a blackface Fender but without the reverb and trem. Would go in a Vibrochamp chassis and cab, with a 10” speaker. Looking at all the bits it’s definitely going to cost a few hundo to put together - good idea?

  • Need you ask?

  • Help needed - my old bass has a cracked nut.

    YouTube shows it can be a bit fiddly and I’m pretty cack handed at the best of times plus no space/workbench/rubber hammer/file etc to do a decent job.

    Would someone with the knowledge, expertise and skills be able to help in return for beers/forum donation?

  • I'm sort or torn between that and buying a new THR30 - sensible brain says buy the THR. But sensible brain speaks in a very quiet voice. I really don't need all those sounds / tech.

  • Do... It...

  • I’m thinking of building a little 1w valve amp for the living room. Same front end as a blackface Fender but without the reverb and trem. Would go in a Vibrochamp chassis and cab, with a 10” speaker. Looking at all the bits it’s definitely going to cost a few hundo to put together - good idea?

    I built one with Vyse Amps identical to that and I've never used it since. If building it is something you're excited about it's a great project but if you just want the amp you could buy mine.

  • I was considering a THR30 or something similar for the living room, and wound up getting a 6505MH with a 1x12 because I definitely don't need all those sounds!

  • I'd be really interested in seeing someone build an amp - I've no idea at all what's involved, I look at the cabinet builds and then get lost when it comes to the wiring :)

    Look forward to seeing it if you go ahead!

  • 20w is pretty punchy for a living room!

  • Unless your living room is mahoosive. And you live alone. With no neighbours. In which case, FULL STACK

  • It has 5W and 1W settings as well as the 20W. To be honest even the 1W is pretty loud!

  • I'm not bad with electronics and soldering. Woodwork completely befuddles me so I'll have to buy a cabinet. I could probably cobble something together but it has to look nice enough to pass the Mrs test to stay anywhere prominent enough to use.

    @Bleakrefs what didn't you like about yours? I want to do one almost exactly like this....­-build-3-of-4-robinette-blackvibe-micro.­1042615/

  • Love the look of that.

  • Have to say, having seen some of the '59 'homages' around, I think I'd want significantly more provenance and description on that :)

  • Ha that's very similar to mine. Mine doesn't have a master volume or separate EQs (just a high / low dial) but otherwise the same. I think for me it was too dirty to really enjoy playing - I like a clean sparkling tone that makes reverb shine, and it didn't really do that - but they are very fun to make.

  • Ah that's interesting - I want sparkly Fender cleans. Be interested to see the circuit diagram for yours to see how much NFB was in? That's not tricky to change at all, so depending on how it works, I can always swap a resistor or two around for a bit more.

    I'm keen on building one, the only thing that's putting me off is the price of bits....

  • I think 1watt is just too quiet for cleans really, unless it's whisper quiet. Fun to build tho. The specs were on the Vyse Amps website, well worth a look.

  • A BF or SF champ clone will get you Manageable living room clean sparkle from 0 to 4 (with single coils) and a bit of crushed glass breakup above 4 or 5. Above that it’s just incrementally more compression and drive. They never really blat out like a tweed but you can rock out and rattle windows with it on 10 or back off volume and pick attack to clean back up.

    My 1970 sf is the best guitar investment I ever made. Played almost daily for 15 years now. Still love it.

  • Traded an am. deluxe strat in for a Hamer Newport. Digging it so far. Great size and weight, carved back and top (mahogany and spruce) are kind of cool even though I don't know what kind of tonal difference they really make, and the apparently supposedly fancy boutique PAFs actually seem to sound very good.

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  • Like the aged nickel on them. Are they made by Hamer?

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