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  • Love that video, that guy is mental...

  • I love this from the comments:

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  • Heh, that guy does a good job. Pretty sure I've posted that before.

    I have a Guild M120E with the built-in Fishman. I played it live for years but to be honest i've never been that enamoured with it. It sounds and plays fine. It's just a bit workmanlike. Nothing really special. Plus the neck and nut are quite narrow which isn't that conducive to picking.

    Having said that, I do like it for super low open tunings. It seems to work well with those Low C or Bb tunings. I tend to keep it tuned to D standard or dropped C (drop D just a whole tone down).

    As for acoustic strings, I've got a real thing for the Thomastik Infeld ones. Got these on all my acoustics. They're not super bright when new and seem to achieve a nicely mellow played in feel and then stay there for ages without going completely dead. Plus they have really nice coloured silk wraps on the wound strings which look dead nice. Important stuff.­2.htm

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  • EDIT: I see you linked to the M20 (c.£1500) not the M120 (c.£600). Haven't tried the M20 so can't comment.­ms/showthread.php?t=495550

  • Just picked up my bass for the first time in about 20 years. Been enjoying playing along to YouTube tabs and tutorials but anyone got any books I could buy to study/pick up basic refresher with?

    Trying to focus on technique and so nice and slow at the moment while my fingers learn what they should be doing.

  • I'm having weird regrets for not checking out a '64 Jazzmaster that came up for sale locally. Original finish, looked well-loved rather than beaten up, at a relatively "affordable" price. I mean most custom shop Jazzmasters seem to retail for more. Realistically, I doubt I could have justified it and I expect there's a chance you can get burnt, but still...

  • You should collect all these 'failed guitar purchase opportunities' and park them in a part of your brain where they can easily torture you far, far into your future...

    I have so many... Might be why I'm buying every-single-fucking-guitar-I-can now...

  • Ha, yes. I have fairly few of those personally, but I get what you're saying.

  • I don't have that many ones that got away to be honest. Never had the budget to be window shopping for vintage gear and never found a super bargain or something that I regret not whacking on a credit card. The closest thing I guess would be all the SF Champs and Vibrochamps i found in San Francisco used gear shops and considered buying in bulk to ship home and flip. Once I'd worked the cost of tax and shipping it didn't seem worth it. Meh.

  • It's a small dream to be able to walk into a guitar shop, play every model I want to and walk out with a brand new guitar, without worrying over the cost or VFM. One day!

    Worst one that got away was an aluminium body aloha strat that could be had for around £2-3k in about 2000. At the time I didn't have anywhere near that sort of money (still don't tbh) and now they're more like £20k if they ever come up for sale!

  • My biggest regret is the 1960 Les Paul TV... 1990 Elgin Music, on the wall for £400, it was fucking amazing... Got a job so I could put down a deposit, it went to a Japanese guy the day before I walked in with the cash. It sold for £350... God knows how much they're worth now... There have been so many, the black Mosrite Ventures for £500, Keef's black Tele Custom with b-bender for £750, two of Stevie Marriott's old Coronets, a three-a-side and a batwing, can't remember how much they were but I think they were around £1250 each... And many, many more... 😭😭😭

  • I get what you're saying

    Okay, maybe not :-)

  • I’m with you on the silver face stuff. It was throw away cheap when I was in LA in 2002. I just wasn’t into it at the time. Now I love it and the only vaguely affordable SFs are the Twins!

  • Not really in the market, having just bought a guitar with P90s, but def having my head turned by this, think it looks smashing.­rro­uitars/other/limited-korina-offset-tele/­5259900334.html

  • Yeah - that’s a great looking guitar. If I ever bolt together another, it could well look like that. I looove P90s.

  • That demo was a bit painful... I really don't like these Fender mash-ups, they trouble me...

  • Haha, not many demos of it out there and I didn’t want to link to the *ndertons video.

    The success of these Fender mashups varies massively IMO... some really weird ones and it feels like they’ve come up with a great strategy to be able to release more product every year (there was a mahogany one of these with normal Tele pickups a couple of years ago) and they’re leaning into it. I just think this particular one works and it’s a relatively simple formula (JM body with Tele neck).

    Anyway... no need. I should stop looking at it.

  • Lawsuit white Ibanez SG custom. £500 in Wunjo around 2005ish. Passed on it, like a fool, as didn't know what a Lawsuit guitar was then. It got bought by that fellow in the Black Keys a few days later.

  • I'm quite tempted by this, the things putting me off are the strap button on the heel and the fact that I can't hold it in my hands and try it out... Quite a bit cheaper than retail and it's already got a Fishman pickup in it, couple of little scratches but nothing to write home about... What's the verdict from the other guitar losers of lufugus?

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  • PS my old, old band got featured on @sceneinbetween's insta the other day, he's an old mate from bitd... Was asked to be a guest on an indie throwback radio show as a result, first question the guy asks me after me saying yes is 'Were you in a band?'... 🤦♂️🤷🏻♂️😂

  • I’ve put my strap button there, wouldn’t have it anywhere else. You can’t see it from the front, it doesn’t interfere with the fretting hand (although you’d think it would), and it holds the guitar and pulls it in to the body, rather than letting it hang forward. I was nervous as hell about drilling a Martin and getting it wrong, but I’m glad I did it.

  • I think Martin even put them there at the factory, it shouldn't bother me but it does, a bit... I would've been pooing my pants if I'd done that!

  • Sold my space echo (cry, cry), wondering what the best solid state replacement is these days...

  • An original one? Ooh, lucky you for having one... I've got the pedal version, it's great!

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