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  • Ooh ta, it's a Gibson A-1 from 1915. I got it from a vintage show in Dallas on my first trip to the US in 1991.

    rodan - looks amazing, bravo.

  • I'd say get a proper teacher, at least for a few sessions to bed in the ground work.

  • Having taught myself long ago, then my uncle coming along and being disgusted at some of the chord shape habits I still haven't got out of 20-odd yeas later, I'd say a proper teacher is a good shout, cos they can spot bad habits/technique that the internet can't. OTOH that Justin fella @greenhell linked is quite good I think; I've stumbled on him a few times when looking up how to play certain songs and he's got a good clear way of explaining things. And he likes Neil Young.

  • That's really cool, I like it a lot.

    And lots of respect for pulling it off, I find the scale of something like that truly daunting. So many opportunities to mess things up!

  • Your build looks amazing! I can’t wait to hear it.

  • Cheers folks. I spared you most of the sawdust ‘n’ power tools chat during the build, but it’s all up on my Instagram, if you’re interested. I’ll be starting my next build soon-ish, as well.

    @paradroid - Totally relate to how daunting it seems! The trick for me was to figure out that it all breaks down into a series of small tasks, decisions and skills to be learned, each of which is achievable. People like @christianSpaceman documenting their builds helped to demystify certain things for me. Also, not building the neck on this one helped to keep things at a manageable level of anxiety.

  • It's a lovely job, colour is great!

  • Lovely, really lovely. I'm torn between ordering a mando online ASAP or being more sensible and waiting until I can get up to Hobgoblin in a lunchbreak one day this month (once a week in my studio now) and having a proper look at the finishes and such.

  • Yours looks spot on; it's no joke to make your own shape and have it look this good at the end - it's really impressive.

    The internet is full of people who have started out trying to "improve" on Leo's designs and not quite made it - certainly I've never designed my own and I'm not confident I'd be able to get it looking good if I ever did..

    Also, kudos on the paint - I don't paint mine, but my understanding is that metallics are especially difficult to do, and that looks really good. Look forward to the next build (especially the sawdust and power tools stuff 😉)

  • Like the look of that yamaha actually.

    Ended up getting a Mexican telecaster, double humbucker.

    Need to see how I get in with electric before committing to anything too fancy.

  • Nice, the Player series one?

  • Yeah players series. What does lifting up the lower dial do? It seems like a switch to lift it up and down?

  • That’s a coil split for the humbucker. It effectively removes one set of coils and turns the pickup into a single coil, which tend to sound brighter / thinner / twangier / more trebly, and will generally produce more hum/noise when you’re not playing.

    Not sure how the Player is wired, whether it affects both pickups or only the bridge one. Probably both.

  • I got to try my baritone tele parts build through an amp for the first time, sounded really promising. Somewhat to my surprise I seemed to have managed to wire everything correctly. I've got a four way switch with both pickups in series for the extra position, and a mini switch for "half out of phase". So that gives six tones, all of them felt distinct and usable.

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  • Ahhhh nice. Thanks for that.

    It's a whole new world coming from acoustic isn't it, so much choice for sound.

    Can't wait to get cracking.

  • Bad news buddy - unfortunately that collar has gone to the great gig in the sky. I've checked all the places it would've been and I think it's been purged. Sorry about that.

  • No worries, man, thanks for taking the time out to look... It isn't an expensive mod anyway, I'll get onto Al... ❤️

  • Wait until you get into pedals... :)

  • Pulled the trigger on a pair of mandos, finally. An oval hole kentucky KM272 for me, and a plain burst f hold blue moon starter for my 8 year old. We'll learn together and she can progress to better instruments if she sticks with it.

  • Pulled the trigger on a pair of mandos, finally. An oval hole kentucky KM272 for me, and a plain burst f hold blue moon starter for my 8 year old.

    Mando player rocking up late to the thread, here. Kentucky make a decent instrument - I have an 855 which has been rock solid for years.

    Have a great time with it!

  • @christianSpaceman Cheers, that means a lot.

    Right, heres the demo I promised. Hope you folks like R.E.M.

  • Needs more guitar

  • Holy shit, two pages of win. Rodan, the 12 string looks amazing. As does Rickster’s 105 year old Pangolin.

    Ordered the trem bar for you Joe. Will let you know when I’ve got it.

  • That’s super sweet.

  • That was fun, I wanna make one of these videos!!

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