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  • I have a Blackstar Studio 10 with the KT88 in arriving today... might swap the speaker out for a better Celestion at some point, maybe a creamback but I’ll see how it sounds. The 6L6 variant sounds pretty good from demos as an affordable Fender style combo (doesn’t look as good as the silver face Fenders though obviously). They also have an fx loop. Found mine for £399 delivered, I’ll give feedback (pun intended).

  • <3

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  • are the recent models much cop tho? speccman jones' one seems vintage af. sounds great tho.

    really looking for that malcolm young, foot stopping gronch sound.

  • The recent ones are a totally different beast, would not recommend... Maybe you need a Plexi mini stack? In white, obvs...

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  • Might be the wrong forum for this, but does anyone know what’s likely to happen if I wire two Firebird humbuckers in series, via a series/parallel switch? I’ve only really seen this kind of thing on single coil pickups before.

  • Rich just sent me a video clip of the Custom 22, he's done a Burgundy Mist base coat and chrome flake coat and we're going to go straight to nitro without a coloured trans coat we had been anticipating needing.

    It looks absolutely jaw-droppingly good. I can't wait to get a few photos up once it's got the nitro on!

  • A couple of things came along at the start of lockdown. One isn't a guitar, admittedly but a stringed instrument nonetheless.

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  • and this

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  • So much awesomeness on the last couple of pages, dunno where to start...

  • Greenhell, if you want blood... or Malcolm, it’s gotta be Marshall Shirley? I love the look of the new Marshall mini stack things.

  • Just found this piece of knock-off Chinese junk in a local music junk And second hand record cave. Looks great. Feels nice. If it sounds unshit imma gonna buy it.

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  • i think you're right. Marshall DSL combos should scratch that itch, shirley?

    not sure if they come in white.

    i can also play Highway to Heck badly now.

  • Mike White Falcon was showing off his Chinese knock off LP. Came pre-gig scuffed out the box. Sounded amazing. Says it's the best guitar he'd played in ages.

  • Very much looking forward to this one. Is the flake a see through coat with just shiny bits in? I always thought it would be silvery and the colour goes over the too, like a candy coat.

  • The plan was to use a Burgundy Mist base coat, chrome flake coat, then a trans burgundy mist coat and then nitro on top but it looks great after the chrome flake coat so we're going straight to nitro!

  • Hi folks,
    I've been given this somewhat battered arch top. I'm pretty sure its a Rosetti Lucky 7 from somewhere in the late 60s. You can see the body is splitting and the necks pretty bent. Im fairly sure I can do a reasonable job on the body myself (might I need Hide glue?) but what are peoples opinion on the neck? worth going to a pro?

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  • Has it got a truss rod?

  • No, it was a very cheap guitar when new.

  • Take it to a professional and pray in that case. If it sounds nice and feels nice it might be worth considering having a truss rod added?

  • Take it to a luthier and they may put a truss rod in, (or a non-adjustable carbon rod) to stiffen the neck up. Love a good archtop

  • Thanks folks - so the internets suggestion of a few vices and an iron is a bad idea. I thought it might be.

  • Another one my friend just got in at We Have Sound. I’m not really into gold guitars but I love the design of Bilt’s headstock. Definitely my favourite non-fender headstock.

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  • I love that. Got a bit of the Bo Diddley Cadillac about it

    Damn, I love that pic. New Avatar incoming.

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  • 'El Hombre' on the scratch guard. Amazing.

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