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  • It’s an Eastman AR371CE - lot like a Gibson ES175.

  • Absolutely stunning. I'm extremely jealous, I have a huge soft spot for Eastman. I'll likely make one my next proper purchase!

    In other news Rich has just finished stripping my PRS and we're trying to finalise colour choice. It's starting to get interesting now! :)

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  • That’s a sweet bit of flame on the front!

    I’ve played it a bunch today and really like it. Still haven’t plugged it in either. Bit of fret wear but obviously a really nice instrument - feels very alive. I get their rep now! Total deal for what I paid.

  • Exciting! You still going for that root beer burst?

  • Awesome Eastman. Great find man.

    In rock news:­Cno

  • Well he surprised me by messaging me yesterday to ask if I was interested in a sparkle top finish so I'm strongly considering that Gretsch Champagne Sparkle on the drum kit there or possibly Burgundy Mist Sparkle? I have the week to decide anyway so I'm extremely open to thoughts and opinions on it!

  • He's normally excellent, I thought he did a bit of a hack job on these tunes... I guess you're never gonna please an Uber-Stooges fan tho'...

  • Ha! I'm a Stooges hack and just enjoyed being reminded of the majestic dumbness of Asheton. Excellent palate cleanser when I've been playing too much fiddly stuff.

  • A sparkly one would be quite exciting... I've followed (John?) Sully's guitars for ages, he's got some great looking sparkly guitars that tempt me for finishes.

    I'm also a huge fan of the vomit finishes on Tyler guitars - had a chat to Rich a couple of months ago and he reckoned one would be doable, but it's going to take me a couple of years to get to one given my build list..

  • Like a sparkle-burst, so you keep the flame in the middle? That would be doooope.

  • OK. This is cool. The only other comparable thing I can think of is Billy Gibbons' guitar made from planks from Muddy Waters' childhood home.­and-labrador/greg-fleming-shipwreck-guit­ars-1.5652689

  • I once made a guitar body from Bermudan teak salvaged from a freighter that had been torpedoed in the Irish Sea in WW1. It was lovely looking wood but it was infused with salt. After about 10 years every screw in the body went green and the bridge wouldn't come off...

    The plan was to blend a Tele with an LP Jr, with a set maple neck. It's a funny shape but it was about 1987 and I think I'd seen a St Blues guitar in a magazine and thought it was cool.

  • I actually quite like a full sparkle burst like this one...

  • nice! i like the idea of a salt lick guitar.

  • I accidentally a tiny Tele. It's adorable. (And no, it is not a uke.)

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  • That is adorable, what's the tuning? Mandolin?

  • We have colour! And the first coat of oil. Please excuse the mess.

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  • Seriously one of these days I will rip my phones' camera out and stomp on it.

  • This is great, tenor guitars are very cool indeed!

    @Murphys_Law that's going to be incredible! It really really does remind me of Dunable Guitars!

  • I've put it in GDAE, which effectively makes it an octave mandolin. But they come in Chicago tuning.

    It's a hoot. Super-quick and easy for my tiny Trump-like hands.

  • It's super cute, Great colour too.

  • I know a couple of you chaps are on Instagram so apologies for double posting... However, I've had the week off work and made some inroads into my Mockingbird body.

    There's not an awful lot of carpentry left on it - just the neck shaping and pickup routes, then onto the inlay and decorative bits and bobs.

    I've also got to make a decision about the heel. I feel like the shape almost demands some all-access type thing, but I quite like the idea of a bolt on as it'll make the finishing a lot easier (oiled neck, painted body)

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  • The steer things back to playing for a minute; why can’t I pick slide? You know the cheesy rock pppps hhhowwww! Thing, where you scrape the pick down the strings. Every time I try it it just sounds like Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. What am I doing wrong?

  • Dunno - I used to do a bit of that. Gain and skinny picks make it easier be careful not to mute the strings by accident.

  • Saw this on Instagram and meant to post here! It's looking so well, can't wait to see it all come together!

    How about something like this heel on the Ibanez AZ? Bolt-on but make it curvy?

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