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  • yeah i have one - it's superb

    Worth the price? They're completely unavailable at the moment, but for home practice (without cables) they look great.

  • Yeah, i Love it, I don't gig but play every day at home on a variety of guitars, I have several amps but found I mostly use my Yamaha THR10. when they announced their wireless one I looked into selling it and then upgrading but after reading up, decided the Boss was going to be a better solution. i picked it up for £250 shipped on ebay and very happy.

    If was pushed for negative feedback it can't really handle bass that well, compared to the THR-10 but the wireless bit is amazing and makes me play my guitars more.

  • A neighbour popperdnround to ask for some bike help, and we got talking, turns out he is a guitar nerd and dug an old guitar out of the attic for me to try an electric one out, needed a new set of strings and I have spent the evening with a massive smile on my face!

    I don’t think the front pickups work but happily playing around with it nonetheless!

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  • That’s really cool. Is it a Kawai?

  • oooh thats nice!

  • Damn I love that! Is he selling it? I’d be interested! I have a double cut wraparound thing going on at the mo

  • Yes, good spot considering I’d cut that out of the picture!

    Looks like maybe a Ks-11

    It’s bloody heavy, going to open up the back tomorrow and see if there’s anything obvious stopping the neck pickup not working...

  • A friend of mine owns a guitar shop and is getting these two in this week.

    A 64’ Mustang and a 62’ Jag. Think I am in love with the Jag ❤️

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  • That jag is delicious

  • Yeah that Jaguar is a bit special.

  • Sad day... He sold me all my Coloursound pedals at 122 Charing X Road when he was a young lad back in the 80s...

  • I'm not really in the market for any musical instruments and I've never been there, but I hate it when shops like that close. On a more prosaic level, we used to have an electrical shop up here that had everything and knew everything. When it closed, you could suddenly not get anything that they did within a wide radius any more. I hope that at least some shops of the old Denmark Street cut survive. So important.

  • :(

  • Yes I know I’m very lucky. You’re right the bridge is adjustable but I feel the 12 inch radius is really stretching the bridges ‘adjustability’. It’s a really cheap bridge and cheap neck so one or both will be replaced eventually. I do love the body so I’m going to build the guitar around that. First I’m going to sand it, stain it a nice chocolate brown all over and finish it. But of course if I can’t be bothered to do the the above I’ll give you a shout.

  • Both of those are beautiful! What shop does your friend own/work?

  • He owns We Have Sound in Worthing. I think the mustang and jag are arriving later this week.

  • If anyone is interested. Sell my J Mascis Jazzmaster in the classifieds.

    Bloody ace guitar, just have too many.

  • That's heartbreaking.

    Fuck London in the cock. Look at the state of it.

  • I was lamenting here about a buzzy 20w Ampeg bass amp a while back, happily I ended up getting it tweaked on warranty. Much better now.

    If I understood correctly, service had a known fix for the issue, but the retailer hadn't had anyone else complain before...

  • Accidental NGD. Popped up on Craig’s this morning locally. In my sweaty unairconditioned van a short while later. Seems mint, finish is absolutely lovely and plays great. Got to lower the action as I’m so used to solid bodies and weak. Flat wounds a pleasant change....

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  • Looks ace. What is it?

  • Lovely. I've just rationalised getting an archtop, probably a Godin. Just need to get shot of an acoustic to make room.

  • Tried recording with my acoustic the other day, almost impossible to play stuff beyond the fifth fret without crazy sore hands and fingers after a couple of takes... Hmmmm...

    Might be looking for another acoustic for recording purposes... Getting a bit silly now... 🙄

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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