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  • Yesterday was a new guitar day but when it arrived I was so disappointed that I requested a refund (eBay purchase). Basically none of the guitar parts were as described except the body. After a very polite back and forth with the seller he issued me a refund and let me keep the guitar also. Better that a kick in the tits, right?! So now I’ve got a build a guitar project.

    I’ll be asking lots offset questions over the next few weeks.

  • We're gonna need to see a photo, sir/madam/other...

  • Pics or it didn't happen :)

  • Last time I posted pics they were massive so apologies in advance. The body is mahogany from and is pretty sexy minus the stain on the front. I’m going try and sand most of that off. The neck is a 12 inch radius and isn’t compatible with the bridge. The pick ups are definitely wired wrong etc

    Anyway pics...

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  • Love it, a guy I know here in Brisbane posted up a lovely 70s Musicmaster on insta the other day... Not usually a fan of black Fenders but his looked great...

    Please get rid of that pearloid ASAP... 😋

    So what are your plans? #paintitblack

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  • Major potential there! I quite like a 12" radius, maybe consider changing the bridge? The Callaham one I put on my Duo-Sonic is fantastic but I guess it depends on what's going on under that bridge that it's got on...

    Excited to see what you do with it!

  • I’m going to try and save the wood and show off the grain. If I can’t match the front and back then I’ll paint it in a traditional colour, sonic blue or something. Agreed about the pick guard I’m more a tortoise shell guy.

    I’m also a fan of 12 inch radius I was just more annoyed about the unplayability of the guitar. That being said I really want that mustang sound so I’ll try and keep everything as close to mustang specs.

  • Just got some pictures of my LP back from Rich now it's been painted - to say I'm delighted is a massive understatement. When I started I'd been planning to paint / stain it myself, I'd have got nowhere near this if I had 😁

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  • Oh that looks so good!! He's got my PRS at the moment so even more excited after seeing this!

  • Stunning. Looking forward to seeing this fully built.

  • Anybody tried a Boss Waza-Air in real life?

  • Some real strong build project action here. The LP looks beautiful.

  • My "maybe it isn't fake" Bigsby arrived from Chine. Of course it's fake. It looks like it's decent quality tho. Only obvious things are plastic bushings and a longer than usual arm. So... should I fot it on the Riviera or not. I'm in two minds. I really want a Bigsby on this thing. Should I drop another £140 for a real one and keep the knock off for a budget tele project down the line?

  • I've got some CTS mini pots to get the wiring re-done and will want to change PUs at some point sort of make sense to do PUs, wiring and bigsby all at the same time.

    Then Again i'd be dropping £3-400 on parts and labour on a budget guitar that cost me well under £300. Is that mad?

  • Are you still selling that Bigsby Bleak Ref?

  • Thanks chaps - just got the plastics to go for the covers, then pickups can go in :)

    @fatberg - that Riviera is lovely. I reckon it should have the real Bigsby if it's going to have one, although I actually thought it was worth a lot more than that so get the issue.

  • He's got my PRS at the moment

    Look forward to seeing it! This is the second he's painted of mine, on the back of it I'm seriously thinking of stripping down and sending him everything else I've got!

  • I've spent more than that on my Player Series Duo-Sonic and it was worth every penny! If you like the guitar then don't hesitate!

  • I know that feeling! I think I will eventually get the aforementioned Duo-Sonic nitro'd!

    I don't know about my Jazz though even though it's poly... I've put a lot of wear on it as is...

  • Same for me with my Sunn Mustang Strat, and I’m in the middle of doing it with my Epi 335. There’s a joy to be had in stripping down a guitar that was cheaply fitted-out in order to meet a price point, and taking it up to its potential.

  • yeah i have one - it's superb

  • I can't believe you got this for free! its hard to tell from the pics but it really does look like an adjustable radius jazzmaster / jaguar bridge on that, if not a replacement cheap on is a tenner max I'm really into wood stained bodies at the mo, if you consider selling it on i'd be interested

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