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  • right. i'll start sniffing.

  • I'll talk to my guy about his, see what he says...

  • PS Great shout on the White Penguin... Black Falcons are cool too and probably more up your strasse... Anything Billy Duffy is lamentable... Matthew Ashman or Sylvain Sylvain on the other hand...

  • yeah cheers.

    i think i went through a heavy Cult jag in my late teens because who didn't. i revisited them ten years or so later and realised, actually they're a bit shit. there's a few decent tracks on LOVE and ELECTRIC, but that's about it.

    gothpubrock - sounds better as a hashtag.

    Those electromatic's are getting good reviews... who could argue with this fanny?­iGE

  • I really like double cut Falcons, they have a certain something...

  • yeah i'm with you on that. i think they're a snootch thinner as well, which presumably makes them an easier play. again, i know nothing.

    you should get one.

  • also - i've heard stories of folks filling in hollow bodies, presumably to up the sustain (?)
    does this work, what material is used and is it grounds for instant cockpunching?

  • Nah, you're alright... Teenage hero!!!

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  • Side ding story: I was at Schoolly D's first London show (86-87?) and Matthew Ashman came up to me to say hi... He thought I was Mick Jones, I almost pooed my pants...

  • you'll never guess who's drumming for BWW these days?

    It's only your old mate Les flipping Warner!

    jesus he's looking rough.

  • Never seen the two of you in the same room together tbt.

  • I've had a big switch around of gear over the past month - getting close to my perfect dirty dozen i think! i want every guitar to have a totally different experience or sound, done mainly with pickup combinations, scale lengths, string types and gauges and tunings (not body shape or brand)

    got coming up for sale or swaps -

    burgundy mist strat partscaster
    Epiphone peewee
    Fender mandolin
    Star caster with different neck and les trem
    Danelectro resodan
    Epiphone G400

    After an 80's epiphone casino or similar
    A decent resonator guitar
    A submarine pro pickup
    Almost any 90's Rickenbacker

    thoughts on what i'm missing? i'm a novice when it comes to hollowbodies and archtops, i love my starcaster but the centre block is robbing too much tone so I want something lighter and more hollow sounding. Casino seem to be the way to go so far and gibson ES330 is way beyond me

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  • Late to this (and still catching up) but totally agree on the s/h route. All that white gloss and chrome lever nonsense on the Billy Duffy WF makes it look like an expensive toilet.

  • ^^the filling-in a hollow body thing would be to try and control feedback when playing loud. Can't imagine it would do anything positive to the sustain. The opposite probably.

  • ^ I think he's factored in ~£50 of haggle room. Pickups are ceramic and not great by most accounts.

  • Yeah. Offer £300, haggle up to £325.

    MIM Fenders have been a lot better in recent years than they were, but for a Strat I’d be tempted to go for the current MIM Player model with AlNiCo pickups and two-point bridge.

  • Yeah, price is a bit high. Check out FB Marketplace, things tend to be priced a little lower on there.

    Have asked and this includes P&P so I think quite a good price for a MIM player model from 2019

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  • If you’re anywhere near Glasgow, I know someone who’s selling a nice MIM Tele for £250.

  • Submarine pickup no longer needed! one came up on ebay an hour ago and managed to nab it

    • if you've not seen them check this out...

  • Blimey. A friend of mine invented a form of that back in the mid 80s - a hexaphonic pickup plus a six-channel rack unit that could be configured to use different amps/fx for each individual string. He couldn't get any manufacturer interested. Some guitar player got in touch wanting a freebie; friend turned him down. Said player was Edge recording Joshua Tree. Twat. /csb

  • Dodged a bullet there. :)

  • I'm selling a TC Elec Flashback delay pedal on here if anyone is after one.­60/

  • nice one will hold out for a newer Mexican player then, this one had gone before i got in contact..

    realised i have a load of expenses i hadn't submitted so this should be "free"

  • Some more lockdown recording from my lot. I think this one maybe owes a bit to Low and Wilco, but its hard to say.

    My mum tells me I look “too sad” in it. I’m the moody sod with the strat.

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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