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  • Ace colour combination. The white knobs and tuner buttons seem like the perfect choice. Looks really nice.

  • I love it! It also really does look like a Super Split now which is making me want one a lot...

  • Just found this in the depths of my phone. It’s important to give them a grounding in the classics

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  • Very, very nice... 😍

  • How adorable, top parenting!

  • Loverly ! - he's got a square guitar

    So have I ...

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  • that fender looks a beauty!

    ended up buying the Fender Malibu that i liked the look of, and have been enjoying playing pretty much every day, the amount of TV i watch has dropped down to about 30 minutes a week as a result, but no bad thing as far as im concerned!

    beginning to think i might like an electric guitar as well as it seems there some techniques that are much more suited to electric guitars than acoutic. been eyeing up the very obvious stratocaster options so keeping an eye out on ebay/reverb/facebook but guess there are lots of fakes/rebadged squiers out there so need to do some research before i go any further down that path...

    One thing i've noticed with the Malibu is that with more spirited playing there's a lot of ringing as the strings hit the first fret... is this that i'm being ham fisted, or need new strings or just the deal with the guitar?

  • Looks a bit sad, doesn't it?

    1. Finish wasn't poly, best guess is it was some type of epoxy resin... Took forever to get off and was hiding a multitude of sins... Very thick, wood wasn't very flat underneath...

    2. Serial isn't original, wrong font, pots actually date it to 1959... I've been reading the '9' as an '8' for twenty years...

    3. There were 27 drill holes in the back of the headstock, all filled now and the original tuner holes had also been moved so they had to be drilled and plugged and redrilled in the correct position as well... Quite a lot of wood had been taken off the headstock so he's had to put a thick veneer on the front to strengthen the whole area...

    4. So much wood had been taken off the front that the control cavity was in danger of collapsing (SG style) so he's had to reinforce that from the back... This (partly) explains why the knobs always sat so high!

    5. Stud holes had already been drilled and filled with a softwood that resembled cheese, redrilled and plugged with mahogany...

    I think that's it... The guy is ready for paint, just waiting on the decals to arrive... He's actually talking about getting a stencil cut for the Gibson logo, I quite like that idea... Wish he'd told me a week ago, I would've saved $30...

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  • Glad you're getting on with a 6-string Ed. The 1st fret buzz sounds like it could be an issue with the nut - did you buy new in the end?

    In terms of electric, it sounds like you're into Fender styles and so I would suggest looking out for a Telecaster, mainly due to not having a floating bridge to worry about and therefore fewer tuning issues like on a cheap Stratocaster.
    Squier's 'Classic Vibe' range is supposed to be excellent and pretty much on par with Fender's Mexican built range. Plus the vintage finishes look really good.

  • J Mascis Jazzmaster, Ed!!!

  • I don't think I'd clocked quite how old it was - so it's a late 50's?

    It sounds like it's had quite a journey. There are some odd sounding injuries.

    You'd never put anything other than a jr bridge on it, and wouldn't replug the bridge to refinish so I'd have thought redrilling the bridge would never be necessary (it can't have come from the factory like that? or maybe it came from the factory with an innaccurate scale length?)

    the original tuner holes had also been moved so they had to be drilled and plugged and redrilled in the correct position as well... Quite a lot of wood had been taken off the headstock so he's had to put a thick veneer on the front to strengthen the whole area...

    I guess someone changed tuners at some point for ones with shorter posts and just thinned the whole headstock to make them fit!?

  • The pots date it as a '59, I always thought it was a '58... That explains the edge contouring a little bit but the neck should be wider and flatter than it is if it's a true '59... Maybe it's a transition model? Who knows?!?

    I'm looking forward to seeing it finished... Part of me is very, very tempted to get it done TV now... I'm hoping that feeling will pass...

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  • Ah nice. Special thing then, sorry, I thought it was from the 90's.

    the neck should be wider and flatter than it is if it's a true '59

    I'm absolutely not a Gibson expert, but I think they were all over the place back then. Gil Yaron posted some pictures he'd dug up of Kalamazoo back then, and the necks were shaped by a bloke standing next to a massive low tension sanding belt and waving the mahogany blanks around on it :) The faux accuracy of the boutique builders trying to replicate the real 50's instruments is definitely misplaced :)

    I do like a TV jr...

  • But then I would have three!!! 🐖

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  • I like the grey one, a lot.

  • I’ve just bought a Mustang (copy). I’m super excited. It needs some work as it’s a mahogany body that is stained a rank two tone, so I’m going to refinish it.

  • I'm thinking of doing one of these two schemes using milk paint, but I'm probably days of procrastination away from any kind of conclusion.

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  • I really want to spend some time learning how to play six strings and i've always loved the look of the GWF and am seriously considering being a mug and dropping some bum clenchingly hefty cashmonnehs on one.

    To whit - The Billy Duffy Signature model has allegedly resolved many of the issues with the OTP option, mostly pickup quality.

    keep it simple or go large?

    inb4 Joe v The Cult dings.

  • inb4 Joe v The Cult dings.

    My first girlfriend, Sarah Muldowney, went out with Les, the drummer from The Cult, after we broke up... She became a catwalk model, impossibly tall, very beautiful...

    Great guitar, I'd go used if I could, let @rickster be your guide... I'll ask my mate, Mike, if he wants to sell his... He lives in Croydon too...

  • Oh that gwf is pretty

  • She became a catwalk model, impossibly tall, very beautiful...

    you dumped her, obvs?

    yeah not a bad shout on the 2nd hand option, tho the received wisdom seems to be that the Filtertron pick-ups are woefully underpowered - would you rip em out and upgrade to something more modern, thereby de-authenticating the guitar?

    what the fuck do i know.

    also - Sydenham is like, a good ten minute drive from croydon, mkay? literally a different country.

  • there's an entry level, double cutaway for under a grand. looks shit tho. and by shit i mean they look fine, just not joe's ex GWF drop dead gourj.

    the G5422TG Electromatic. Catchy name guys!

  • I am no guide in the Gretschy netherwurld. Nevertheless re. Duffy, the silver binding is regrettable IMO and the WF is the only* guit on which gold hardware is a must. Plus you can pin the bridge on any Gretsch and drop in some TV Jones or similar pickups to taste. Pfff to de-authentification. Secondhand is a marvellous idea.

    • Ok, also Penguin, Mary Kay, LP Custom, so not only, really, at all
  • my spector has gold hardware. yeah it's not a strong look.

    also - scratch plate or no scratch plate?

  • Gotta have the scratchplate. All The Parts.

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