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  • There are a few PF20/PF50 humbusting threads on talkbass - they claim to have nailed it for cheapz. Great amps... would love one but sadly public transport weight for me is a must.

    @clockwork_killa Would love to be able to suggest something but diagnosing set up troubles remotely is fairly impossibru. Have you had any improvement?

  • I've just replaced my strings on my fretless and I've realised I've been a fool holding on to my old strings for so long! It's absolutely banging with fresh strings...

    If you still fancy swapping you can have my extremely well aged eight year old Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkies 45-65-85-105 trimmed for Fender Jazz length for a new set?

  • I've been reading up on the fix, but at least so far I haven't found exact details for applying it to PF20, or if anyone has done it... In the original humbuster thread someone just suggested that the PF20 would need different component values. Maybe an amp tech could work it out from the basic idea.

    I paid well under the usual retail, which I guess makes me less inclined to think about returning the amp. Which does feel a bit daft.

  • Heh, cheers for the offer. May need to think over the the exchange rate between 8 year old and new strings and whether immediate decrepitude is worth the price.

  • Bloody love Lankum.

  • No worries 😂 I'm sure we could work out the depreciation and figure out payment in terms of regular guitsr strings or something if you're keen for them?

  • I've got the 50w version - they're pretty decent amps. Mine hums too but not noticeably when you're playing, it's quieter than the fan noise on a class d. I think it's might just be from being used the solid state amps that are absolutely silent?

  • Just ordered some pure nickel fender 7150s in 40-100. Apparently they're a good bit darker than other roundwounds so I reckon could be a good fit. If they're too zingy for me, I'll take you up the offer.

  • Love those little Ampegs. When we made our album I did the whole thing on an original B15 flip top. Used my old 50s RI P bass, an old Mustang bass and a hollow body Hofner. Fun times.­0xXNsMyqqSck1?si=PxX54cCcTgOEBoeZ6S1_2Q

  • Man that studio was the bomb. Guitars an old Jnr through a tiny Gibson amp a, tiny Selmer, and this weirld old Gretch with two oval speakers.

  • The studio owner was a bit of a dick though.

  • Actually this is my first bass amp, but I've got a couple of valve guitar amps. A 20 watter with 2xEL84 is dead quiet with the same cab. I got the Ampeg just for playing at home, and potentially for recording. The acoustics in the space probably aren't that good, so maybe that accentuates the perceived hum, dunno. Still seems to me that for recording the SNR won't be great, but maybe I'll need to actually try it out.

  • Finally some progress. After more than a month of shipping my parts from GFS arrived, so I could finally continue my build.

    Humbucker cavities are done, bridge positioned, neck is in, pickguard (from 3mm Alu) started.

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  • Does anyone here have any experience with the Yamaha Revstars?

    I’m considering picking one up as more of an all-rounder than my maple-neck Tele. I’ve always been interested in a Jazzmaster but looking at the current Fender offerings they seem a bit lacklustre unless you’re spending 1500+ on an American model.

    The P90-equipped Revstars in particular seem to look and sound really good for the money.

  • Looking good - humbucker cavities look really neat.

    It looks like you've marked for through body strings?

  • My mate is endorsed by Yamaha and uses one, I think it's ugly as fuck but he says it's a great stage guitar... He says it sounds great and very versatile, he likes the way it looks too... Ugh...

    Buy a J Mascis Squier Jazzmaster, a lot of guitar for the money...

  • Thanks. Yeah, the cavities went without a fuckup, which surprised me a little, tbh.

    Bridge is through body, so I've marked it up. Problem is my pillar drill is too small to reach all the way. That's gonna be a problem.

  • Ha, I think some of them can look quite good but some are 'orrible. The ones that double down on the "cafe racer" stuff like the body stripes are properly naff.

    Is the J Mascis better than the Classic Vibe? I'm guessing the pickups are hotter?

    The Squiers just don't look nearly as well made/finished as the Yammys. Seen/read about a lot of minor issues. Annoying that I can't get to a shop to try anything at the moment.

  • That's tricky - it's that that's put me off doing it in the past as well. Interested to see how you do it.

  • Is the J Mascis better than the Classic Vibe? I'm guessing the pickups are hotter?

    Don't know too many details, maybe someone else can chime in on that score...

    I played one in a shop and loved it, would get one in a heartbeat if I didn't already have too many guitars...

  • Cheers, will investigate. I like the look of the Capri Orange Player JM but looked into some reviews/demos and was put off a bit.­electric-guitars/alternative-body-guitar­s-old/fender-player-jazzmaster-in-capri-­orange

  • I can't stand J Mascis but he did a great job on this...

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  • Half a grand on a Squier tho

  • Yeah it’s rad - on the list but it’s pricy for a squire!

    Bought a new bass instead, reviews are very strong and hoping it’s enough of an upgrade over my Harley Benton to keep.

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