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  • Here’s how it looks.

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  • Def gonna replace those tuners with some cool split shaft Gotohs.

  • My old Junior's gone in for a refin, the work is gonna cost more than the guitar cost me in the first place... 👀

    Nitro, new bridge, tuners, strap buttons and knobs, the rest is original so will stay... I've had it for twenty years and haven't spent a penny on it, it deserves a make over... Should be ready in a couple of months, the new decals (should I insist on silk screen?) are coming from the UK so that's gonna hold things up...

    So, bridge... Other options apart from the Mojoaxe compensated wraparound? What strap buttons would be period correct?

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  • That looks very tidy...

  • Can anyone help me with a setup/intonation issue I'm having?
    The neck on my Jackson developed a serious up bow and I finally decided to do something about it because the action on the lower frets was just awful.
    I adjusted the truss rod to straighten the neck but now I have a bunch of frets that don't ring out properly. The string height looks fine and I've tried raising the bridge but I cant seem to get rid of them unless I add more neck relief.
    Any suggestions?

    @>>>>>> That junior is seriously tasty!

  • I bought a 3 pack of .013-.053 Elixir acoustic strings with nanoweb coating as they are recommended for my guitar but I’m not in to them. They sound great but are too much hard work. Does anyone have or want to swap a set of the untouched 13’s for 12’s?
    A long shot but I thought I’d ask.

    I much prefer the double cut Jr’s. I’d love to own one.

  • +1 on wanting a dc jr. tv yellow pls!

  • But it looks weird, my only brief is that it should look like an original 50s wraparound... Everything Tom says seems to be bang on tho', that's two TVs I've seen him playing...

    Top is Mojoaxe, bottom is Studfinder...

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  • Def gonna replace those tuners with some cool split shaft Gotohs.

    If you're not gonna keep the tuners around for spares, then I'll have them off ya. My Squier needs an upgrade.

  • You’re welcome to ‘em. Will let you know when I make the change.

  • So I thought I'd better find out where the Junior's refinishing guy is getting his waterslide decals, the designer in me can't help but interfere... He gets his from Crox Guitars in the UK, fark, I'm so glad I checked... Have a look for yourselves!

    Next question is who does the best decals?

    PS Aged Mojoaxe bridge and studs ordered!!

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  • Second thumbs up for the Rothko and Frost decals - I've used the fender type fonts on mine, they're thin and cover well with lacquer. I'm pretty sure that they're used by David Fletcher in Australia as well :)

    However, I've never knowingly seen their Gibson font, certainly not the word 'Gibson'. Might be worth checking in with them to see if they have a sample in that word (or even to check they'd actually print it...).

  • I can't figure out that website at all, no actual decals to look at... 🤷♂️

  • Just realised we’re on another guitar themed page number.

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  • That's perfect...

  • £17k on Reverb. Ouch.

  • I’ve been channeling my inner Gibbons. MOAR experiments in recordage incoming.

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  • And why not eh?

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  • So much fun. I pity the neighbours, but man, my set up sounds great at the moment.

  • My first guitar hero, will read right now...

  • New amp, I'm a sucker for a good deal... 20W valve Ampeg. I don't really know anything about bass amplification, but so far I like how this sounds. Even with the guitar cab -- I find the G12H-100 fairly neutral sounding, apparently they were even used for bass bitd. There's a bit more mains hum that I'd like, which might also be annoying for mic'ing, but on the other hand there's a handy post-output transformer DI out.

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  • Talking of amps, is anyone interested in a Celestion Vintage 30? 8Ω, 60W. About 4 years old, home and studio use only.

    Spent some time in the Blackstar cab that Bleakrefs kindly gave me, but wanted something better suited to Fendery cleans so swapped it out. Looking for about £50, will deliver within ridable distance of SE5.

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