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  • Finally getting round to finishing a telecaster I started about three years ago...

    I love using copper tape to shield - it's not as smooth or neat as carbon paint, but looks so nice in the cavities - like a little future surprise to anyone that works on it down the line.

    Should be finished with this one tomorrow - just soldering to go.

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    some horrors, some beauts.


  • This is going to be lovely! That's a fantastic burst!

  • So with all of the lockdown time I've finally set about learning how to record and produce (I've a hell of a long way to go mind...)

    I had downloaded Logic Pro X years ago and I could never get my head into it, I'm not sure if it was lack of time spent or what but it eluded me, so a few weeks ago I downloaded Presonus Studio One 4 on a recommendation from Guitar Nerds FB group and I loved it so much I bought the paid for version almost immediately!

    Since then I've probably had half a dozen goes at it, mostly trying to get to grips with the whole thing and try and get a few ideas down in the process and this is the first one I've expanded into a full length type thing.

    Be gentle, I'm no drummer and there are a few unforgivably sloppy bits that I rushed through (most irritably a really painful fretless slide into a chord which is a disaster but I spent so long recording the guitars that I rushed through the bass in one take rather than spending any more time on it).

    It's still really only demo standard but I'm quite chuffed after years of playing to be able to put something together with all of the parts!

    Guitars were all recorded on my Duo-Sonic using amp sims in Presonus.
    Bass was recorded on my fretless Jazz bass using amp sims in Presonus.
    Drums were recorded using an Akai MPK Mini and Impact drum samples in Presonus.

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  • Team photo.

    (I've added the Callaham bridge to the Duo-Sonic since...)

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  • New guitar day :) I started building this in 2015, got close to finishing it and then put under the bed and forgot about it for a couple of years. Finished the wiring this morning - I always forget how tricky that is and get disappointed at how scruffy it looks when I do it :)

    It's a two piece swamp ash body, maple / ebony neck. Gotoh / Wilkinson hardware, completely standard wiring with Tonerider vintage pickups (cheap and good enough for the purpose for now). Rich did an incredible job on the body.

    It still needs a fret dress and set up, but I'm going to wait for Monty's to reopen their workshop for that. It's not actually playable until then, but happy to leave it in the corner for a little while looking pretty :)

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  • That neck is absolutely outstanding man!! Looking forward to having you build me one some time ;) Great finished build too!

  • Cheers dude - the figuring on the maple always looked good, but when I buffed it went absolutely crazy!

  • That's really very nice. I haven't been a huge fan of 'bursts, but lately I've warmed up to the lighter ones (reds, yellows). Particularly lovely on an ash tele I think.

  • Your copper tape work is so neat. I did the same to a vintage Jag after someone stripped all the shielding out and, well, it worked, but it was not pretty. Great stuff though.

  • Thanks - I think it was likely easier for me as I had the templates I'd used to cut all the cavities in the first place, so could cut the tape really accurately to fit them. It's not the best stuff to work with - you only get one shot before it loses its stickiness :)

  • So many great projects on here everyone. Well done.

    I do like the look of this monster with 33 frets and distortion switch from the 1970’s gonna need some long old arms to play that.

    The Hondo Longhorn

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  • I gone did another geetar purchase...

  • New tuners are on the Flame Guitar, paint's dry so I've had a good play on it... Sounds terrific, a Micro Amp fixes the lack of oomph in the De Armond... Great result, only thing I wanna change is there's an odd, oversized screw holding in one of the tuners... Fuck that...

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  • It's got soul! Nice one mate.

  • Oops, got distracted - sold the les paul junior and bagged a 2011 sg junior. Very pleased and it sits very nicely with my g400. Ebony and ivory thing going on

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  • I like this, some really nice playing and guitar ideas!

    With drumming, I think I can hear what you were going for and two tips to get there - vary the hit velocity (can be done afterwards if your pads aren’t sensitive) and remember drummers have four limbs they can use at once (although in practice actually 3, kick + 2), so layering hits will sound more natural.

  • Nice Junior!

  • Recommendations for an audio interface? Mainly to be used for just playing with headphones via a Mac or iPhone, sometimes with YouTube lessons or backing tracks. Would like some bundled software for modelling, though can be simple.

    Currently looking at irig hd, though equivalents from presonos and Focusrite both look good

  • I had an iRig HD, cool little thing and may be all you need unless you wanna do some serious recording... I tracked a bunch of stuff with it and it sounded pretty good considering how little money I paid for it...

  • Thanks fella! Yeah there's a couple of moments of octopus drummer in there alright 😂 I think I just need to set up my MPK Mini to have all of the pads I want on one bank and then just spend hours practicing feel...

  • Cool, thanks. The irigs seem to be less available with the few places that have them pricing them up to £90 so in the territory of more expensive audio interfaces. That’s really all that’s stopping me. No brainier for <70 though.


  • Quick q before I catch up on all the happenings. I found some danish oil in a local hardware shop. Go for it on the stripped tele neck or wait for the branded guitar specific stuff that I ordered but still hasn’t got a delivery date?

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