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  • I have this Danelectro DC59M NOS in my basement if anyone is interested, no need for it.

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  • please post pics when you find one...

    Well I've worked out quite a bit of the Gretsch history and what all those G model numbers mean.
    This is on its way to me ...

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  • What do you want for it dude? Potentially interested here!

  • Like it, very Chet Atkins-esque... I always wanted a Princess or a White Pelican... Would've taken a White Falcon if it was offered, single or double cut, I'm not fussy... 🙃

  • Yeah Chet Atkins and


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  • That's what I thought!!

  • Ooh I'm interested....

  • Ha!
    My Gretsch 'researsch' led me involuntarily deeper into all this European rockabilly stuff out there - loads of it.

  • Thanks Oliver, my reply was a bit meh sorry. This was a good find on eBay and seller threw in amp, lead, picks and gig bag. I suspect he gave up and that this guitar had been through many owners.

    I won’t be able to self teach, but will get the basics under way. Like tuning, develop good posture, study hand positioning, reading music and a bit of practice before embarking on private lessons.

  • Forgive the question but assume it's real wear and tear rather than relicing? Either way that's a fantastic looking guitar.

  • thanks man.. i reckon this guitar has been relicked, plays well though, backplate is missing and transfers on the headstock i think are fake

    Overall i suppose it’s about discovery, learning and appreciation.

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  • Not really my thing, but all kinds of nice... John Lee Hooker Epiphone Sheraton, MIJ/U.S. assembled, nitro refin, recent refret by top luthier. On sale "locally" with pretty resonable asking price. Can't come up with any excuses, though :D

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  • What finish is it? 1996 squire I’d expect poly but I’m no expert!

  • I reckon it is poly. I need to know though because this guitar is overdue a clean, only picked up this morning.

  • That is absolutely lovely!

  • Mini humbuckers as well? Handsome colour...

  • ah man what a colour

  • Red flame outline goes on tomorrow, hoping it'll knock the gaudiness down a tad... I know it's supposed to be gaudy, it's a stage gimmick but it's just too much yellow right now...

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  • Excellent paint job @TS :)))

  • This ...

    reminds me of this

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  • I see a psychedelic chicken and bull terrier...

  • heh! So do I know.

  • Just ordered a set of beautiful Waverly tuners for my PRS Custom 22 restoration project. I've been sitting on this for years at this stage as I'd been reluctant to bite the bullet on the cost of refinishing a set neck guitar but I'm finally getting on with it!

    I'm having the same chap who's doing @christianSpaceman Les Paul do the refinish (incidentally far more affordable than I was expecting). We got off to a rocky start when I wanted the guitar refinished with either a solid shell pink or oxblood top and he stopped replying to me because it was a crime against flamed maple 😂
    I managed to patch things up and I've settled on a dark rootbeer stain for the top which will actually be lovely!
    Something like this...

    I'm going to revert to the original pickups and get a wiring harness built by Gunstreet Wiring, I could do it myself but I feel like a few tasty bits will be an investment on this should I decide to sell it.

    I'm quite looking forward to it now. I haven't played this guitar in over five years now, just been sitting half stripped in a case for all that time so it's going to be nice to have it back to it's former glory!

    (Better than it's former glory actually, I bought the guitar with my savings from my summer job when I was sixteen. The day I went into the store, wad of cash onboard, I actually went in to buy a tobacco sunburst McCarty that they'd had in stock for over a year and I had absolutely lusted after... I shit you not, some fucker walked passed me with it as I walked into the store. I couldn't believe it. Sold! I tried this Custom 22 instead and its actually had a tiny chip on the lower horn, about half a pinky nail size at most, and the chaps in the shop knocked €1000 off the price because of it! So... it's never been in perfect condition in my ownership of it!)

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  • Lovely colour - that's going to look great. It really looks like there's a load of striping on the sanded bit of yours - almost like the previous finish was hiding it a bit?

    I've been talking to Rich the past couple of days about mine - he's a fantastic guy, had loads of conversations as we've gone along, and the work / tweaking of the burst he's done has been way beyond my expectations.

    I've got pictures of mine now the burst is finished, but going to wait till it's buffed before posting any more. It looks awesome though 😁

  • Looking forward to seeing the pics of yours!!! His work seems too be absolutely superb so I'm looking forward to getting it done now for sure!

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