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  • Love the Homeschoolin' guy, watched a bunch of back to back episodes last night... I enjoy his talking more than I do his playing, he's a great player and everything but it's his old gun slinger stories that make it for me...

  • PS Flame guitar is finally finished, picking it up on Saturday morning... I'm a be waiting at the door at opening time...

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  • Worth getting that widdle out of the system I find.
    What I do is loop a section, hit record and just jam until I find the groove and/or something I like. Then split out the takes and pick the good bits, then re-record as a coherent part (if required). 90% of it (probably more) goes in the bin but it gets the vibe going and means less switching between engineer/performer.

  • Try watching the screen while you play. I find it easier to lock in with a visual click as I can anticipate the beat, if you're struggling to get in the groove it helps to see it sometimes.

  • looks noice

  • Ha the widdling is so dangerous. I often think the limited nature of tape back in the days bred a kind of urgency to get what you had down before the tape ran out. Now the 'tape' is infinite that urgency has gone, but it's been replaced by a kind of yawning infinity which isn't the most inspiring thing to have in the back of your noggin.

    It's actually one of the only positives about never having learned to play the guitar properly. I have to painstakingly work out every note ahead of time, because I know anything I try to improvise will sound like dogshit. It's exhausting but it cuts down on the widdle.

  • That’s exactly what I’m doing. I think I’ll limit myself to 5 takes for each section as well.

  • Dude that is looking handsome!

  • Yeah I kind of don’t want to work stuff out completely but I do need to set some parameters at the start of each section so I don’t go off on mad tangents.

  • ngd!

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  • First impressions? Curious as I nearly pulled the trigger and am still tempted (currently showing as in stock).

  • Yeah, how does it sound?

    It's so bloody cute...

  • it sounds pretty nice! the neck feels decent, the body feels a bit cheaper than the rest of the guitar, but it was £127 or something so can't have too many complaints on that front

    just realised it's a different guitar to those in the photos. not sure if it's an older model i've been sent? seems to have the same model number though. biggest differences seem to be on the body's top, which probably explains why it felt a little bit cheaper than i was expecting­_rp_a9m.htm

  • just realised it's a different guitar to those in the photos. not sure if it's an older model i've been sent? seems to have the same model number though. biggest differences seem to be on the body's top, which probably explains why it felt a little bit cheaper than i was expecting

    Well spotted! I've got the one you received as well.

    If I've worked it out right, that link and picture is to an a9M which has a glossy top and no decoration around the sound hole.

    However, what we actually received was the m9m which has a matte finish and decoration.

    I really like the guitar - loud, resonant, detailed. Only thing i'm not sure on is that matte finish - it's quite noisy when you're strumming away at it, and as I make gentle music that might be a pain. Will see if I can polish it smooth somehow.

  • Did I post this already? I was noodling around with it yesterday. It’s just such a pretty version. I’m in awe of playing like this.

  • i'm gonna take the plunge soon, lockdown has got me thinking..

    im searching for single coil, no trem, mid price electric guitar to really fcuk off the neighbours as i painfully learn via youtube to play some of my favourite tunes.. from rush 2112, thin lizzy, a bunch of niles rogers tracks and funk sounds of the 80s

    Option 1­mm-in-blk-schecter-2140?tmsb=cgdi5vh&tms­l=ec608940-7cd8-4edb-b9de-cf25587caa8e&t­mty=w&tmcv=66&tmcs=cnj1aqn

    Option 2
    ex demo with a pair of Duo-Sonic pickups in the form of a humbucker and single coil­ss/Fender-Player-Duo-Sonic-HS-MN-Sienna-­Sunburst-Ex-Demo/3FVN

    Option 3
    I buy this one then block the trem the Eric Clapton method­r-stratocaster-hss-pf-black

    any advice or pointers gratefully received.

    also i've enjoyed this from Tom Morello­dac&t=222s

  • Good call man! I've got the SS Duo-Sonic and I absolutely love it! That Schecter is actually really cool too though and usually I'm not a fan of Schecter!

  • There’s been a few Schecters that have caught my interest recently, which is unusual. They’ve been mixing it up a bit. My favourite is probably the PT Special

  • Like that! I should have put a p90 in the neck of mine. Needs a black guard, naturally....

  • It's #feelslikeanewguitarday, pretty excited... Will report back later, fingers crossed all is as it should be, it's been a very long wait...

  • Sweet. Good luck matey. It does look grand.

    It's #Ifeellikeanewguitarday here....sadly nothing has been forthcoming and my wallet is too slender to apply the green poultice and sit back for something new. Harrumph.

  • This lockdown has forced me to save money, which is great, but the flipside is I've developed a very itchy trigger finger when it comes to new-to-me guitar purchases... If there's a reasonably priced 335 at the shop today I may just go ahead and buy it...

    It's madness...

  • Flame guitar plays really great, still not 100% happy with the pick-up so not that sure what to do about that... It isn't pokey enough, still too hollow sounding and as it's an 'important' guitar I don't feel very comfortable messing with it, thinking about getting a trashed one and getting that rewound to where I want it to be...

    Bought some Tamiya enamel paints today, may try and get the flames back on next week... 🙃

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  • PS If you've got a chrome Fender Dearmond sitting in your spares box... Sell it to me!! 🙃

  • Finally hit quarantine rock bottom 😂

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