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  • Yeah me too - that's one of the cheapest laminate topped ones (AR371) - they're supposed to be fab. I actually like the laminate sound a lot, though if I was ever feeling flush the AR805s are incredible.

  • Recommendations for a clip on tuner?

    Thinking of the d'addario ns micro tuner coz its small and cheap, but the snark sn-5 gets good reviews

  • Thanks. I’ve just finally pulled the trigger on a katana 50 after months of debating whether that, or a thr, a positive spark thing, maybe a helix, perhaps just a usb interface and bias fx to get started, no it should be a blues jnr to get the fender sound, maybe a katana head with the 3” speaker, got to be the waza headphones, and on and on.

    Anyway I added a snark to the basket as it was cheap.

  • Just restrung 2 guitars for the first time ever. Definitely improved on thehe second one - first one is atrocious

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  • Not sure if the gauge that was on there before so just going to leave it for now and keep an eye on the neck. Possibly might need to adjust the truss rod shortly?

  • This '75 Greco SA550 is nice and just down the road from me, AU$1500... Nice price but I think I'd prefer an SA700 if I'm gonna get a Greco... Gibsons are crazy money here, if you can find one that is...

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  • Snark is great for the money but I've got two and both clips snapped so needed the clip repairing but over the space of maybe 10 years so no biggy

    After that i decided to splash out on a peterson strobe and it's superb­-StroboClip-HD/art-GIT0045722-000?campai­gn=GShopping/UK&ProgramUUID=HADAqJarPzAA­AAFlea9yjI.G&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7baL3qPZ6­AIVDkTTCh2ZVgBxEAQYBSABEgL2wvD_BwE

  • I got bored and started thinking about my custom build body - it's not been started by dexter yet so considering adding a kill button on the top horn and a third pickup behind the bridge with a dedicated vol control for on/off...

  • here

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  • What do I need to use headphones with an amp? Some kind of mono 3/4 to stereo 3.5mm jack (or cable)?

  • I picked up a hard case to ship my LP to get it laquered.

    I'm taking the fact that it fitted without needing any further sanding or cutting to be a good sign :)

    Anyone shipped a guitar before and know what courier to use? I looked at a bunch on parcel2go, but they don't seem to have enough coverage (although I don't know how I'd ever prove its value beyond the cost of the wood in it).

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  • That seems to be a big problem alright, the last ones I've shipped have been under-insured at the request of the buyer to keep down the cost of shipping but I reckon to get full coverage could be expensive and niche.

    Does it have far to go? I presume Rich is doing it?

    Might be best to look into some sort of man with a van type scenario or smaller local courier so at least it will be a door-to-door delivery?

  • Yeah - it's off to Rich in Wales again - slightly too far to reasonably drive it myself. I think I'll just have to go for someone reasonably reputable. I don't think I'd be too upset if I couldn't make a claim for its real value (£150ish of wood), and probably wouldn't be allowed to make a claim for its perceived value (£who knows?).

    Looking forward to seeing what comes back. My guitars are mostly black, I'm currently erring towards a lemon burst to brighten that corner of the room up. That changes regularly though ...

  • Looks wonderful, can't wait to see it painted...

  • That's going to be very lovely! I must get on to him again about finishing my PRS Custom 22. I think he was a little bit perplexed by my desire to have it refinished in shell pink when it has a flame maple top and communication broke down thereafter but it would be nice to have it done soon! Having had a look at other examples of his work on Facebook he's got an absolute gift for it too, crazy that it's mostly just a hobby for him!

  • Ha - yeah, he suggested a transparent finish on my Tele - it was going to be shoreline gold. I'm happy to have gone along with it - the work he did was outstanding.

    I've got a pink guitar tucked somewhere in my mental build list - someone on here had a Tele that looked incredible. The list is too long, too little time...

  • I asked

    What do I need to use headphones with an amp? Some kind of mono 3/4 to stereo 3.5mm jack (or cable)?

    I'm trying with a stereo 1/4 to stereo 1/8 adapter, one of these:­382a-stereo-mini-jack-to-stereo-jack-ada­ptor/904313 but no success with a couple of different sets of headphones.

    In both cases if I pull the headphone plug out of the adapter part way I get sound through one side of the headphones, so assume the amp out is working

    Just a crap/ dodgy adapter?

    Try another adapter (­dapter-Female-Headphone-gold-plated/dp/B­01D82XXGO?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_1 maybe) or even the 1/8 to 1/4 cable. Or both?

    Actually, the question is, from where or what brand is recommended for simple headphone cables and adapters as the cheap stuff is unreliable?

  • I generally buy everything from a few places on ebay, like Kenable or VisioSound. But for metal adapters like that I don't think cheap necessarily means unreliable. I'd go for this:­tereo-Socket-to-6-35mm-1-4-inch-Mono-Jac­k-Plug-Adapter-003440/261401003895
    which should do the mono to stereo you'll need for headphones, whereas the two you linked are stereo to stereo.

  • That looks faaaantastic.

    In a rare moment of quarantine madness, I bought a Boss RC-3 looper. Might have to start plugging my guitar in.


  • Thanks - I’d assumed that the phones out would be for a stereo connector but with the same mono signal into both sides. I’ve order the connector above

  • Hm, weird. Phones out should be exactly that, but at least this thing should help if it is mono for some reason.

  • Someone please tell me not to buy this, AU$999 at a Cash Converters down the road... I haven't got a white or a single cut Junior, this would tick two boxes at once!!

    Bloody daft idea but I am going for a look after Easter...

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  • Less than ten years old, haven't seen the serial but... I can't buy it, I want a hollow body!!! 😂

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