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  • No they're awful.

  • In my shame, I was part of a support act on a uk tour with the subways.

    Their tech would race ahead to any venue, steal the kettle and then boil their strings causing all cups of tea afterward to have a metallic taste.

    Didn’t make any improvements to the shit sound of the subways, but I seem to have held a grudge for more than a decade.

    Kettles are for drinking vodka from or leaving other liquids in.

  • Not sure, really! It’s a bit smaller than a dreadnought, right? I use 12s on my 000 sized guitar, they work well. That’s a ‘light’ gauge.

  • hello chris! hope you two are well.

    this is now a "shit we put up with while playing in bands as kids" thread.

    We played an agricultural fair in some whites-only shit-kicking town in a desert. the accommodation arranged by the organiser turned out to be the local jail. rock and fucking roll.

  • Ha! I once played a gig in a hip warehouse nightclub in Berlin with band fronted by two German brothers. The singer was sure that we'd only been booked because they thought thought we were a hip London band and decided that he was going to pretend to be English and not understand any German. It was excruciating. We arrived for soundcheck and the venue staff were like "Wilcommen!" and my mate... Olaf, feigned a blank expression and said "Sorry vee down't unterzdant tcherman". He had to keep it up until were on stage at 3am. Nightmare.

  • Oh boy! Excited for this!

    • wait a minute... What is John Dwyer doing playing a Gibson?
  • Last night I dreamt I was at some weird talent show, I was playing a red hollow body, don't know what model it was but it was in a chainsaw case and it was light, so I'm going with a 330... My brain is telling me to do this...

  • Eastman. The answer is Eastman.

  • If I keep my job in the coming months I'll probably just pull the trigger, very few outgoings plus money coming in equals forced savings... It's a buyer's market right now anyway, guitarist maths says yes...

    It'll be a Gibson just because I'm a label whore...

  • drunk to much and am trying to learn this. it's not going well.
    trevor dunn, innit.


  • Shred but make it musical...

    *I don't know how to link Instagram videos...

  • That dude makes it look easy. It's not tho is it?

  • I've had the original harness out of the Riviera and the new one sat on my desk for over a week now. Was hoping to get it done this week but WFH turns out to be more work than shirk so it hasn't happened. Hoping tonight's the night.

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  • So I went for it. In theory it should have been five solder joints and done. Lost two hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t stop a vicious earth buzz finally realised that the harness wasn’t wired as per the diagram. Fixed the discrepancy I found and then set about reaming out the holes for the new pots. 30 second job with a stepped bit. Next challenge was stuffing the pots back through the F hole. Super tight and only achievable with some brute force. Was convinced my shitty soldering was going to be dislodged once I finally got it all in place. Totally lost track of which pot was which once it was in and not being able to see made it a bit of a lucky dip when fishing about for the bits of string using a pair of tweezers. Amazingly, I managed to get everything in the right place and pulled though without breaking any connections. However, things ain’t right. The tone control on the neck pickup is behaving oddly. Full on is full off and full off is still full off. seems to only be full on at some point in the middle. Also when I’m in middle position, one volume seems to work on both pickups. Less bothered about that but the tone thing is annoying.

  • Just checked back and the difference between the diagram and reality I fixed on one volume pot is the same on the other. Feck. Gonna have to fish it all out and try again. Gonna drop the seller a note now.

  • The guitar sounds amazing btw

  • I'm considering exactly the same but then i saw the katana Air and that can be had for under £300

  • Where did you buy the harness from?


  • Hi - where can you get an air for under 300? (If you don’t mind sharing?) Best i can see is 330 and at that price I think the 50 at £210 is a better bet

  • Bit late for you now, but I’ve had a couple of harnesses recently from Home of Tone and been 100% happy with them. He’s a top guy - uses high quality parts, builds them with care and attention, and if you want something non-standard, he takes the time to understand what you’re asking for.

  • Boss Katana Air, yamaha THR or Positive Grid Spark (not yet available)...
    I’d quite like a lounge noodle amp - bonus if it can handle bass/other.

  • Yeah, I’ve debating this for weeks and weeks. I like the form factor and wireless stuff, but on straight forward value for money the katana 50 just seems miles ahead.

  • Having previously posted about considering buying a 2nd P-bass for round wounds/generally not having to take my nice bass everywhere, I've just bought myself a new guitar amp instead! GAS strikes again - does sound nice though!

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  • Positive Grid Spark if you want to handle bass or else Blackstar Fly 3 Bass although I'm not sure how that is on guitar...

    To be honest a Blackstar Fly 3 and a Fly 3 Bass would be cheaper than a single Spark if you didn't mind the space of having two small amps...

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