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  • Careful not to put on a gauge that’s too different from what is already on - the truss rod will be set for a particular string tension. Go too light and they’ll start buzzing on the frets, too heavy and the action will be too high.

  • Don't really know about gauge but my uncle recently got me onto Elixir Nanoweb strings, which have a special coating to stop them getting grubby, so they last a lot longer. Had them on my 6-string acoustic for months with almost daily playing and they're still pretty fresh.

  • Ha, thanks. At least it's the original. ;)

    but tbh: that thing is a beast. I own it for 9 years now, never bought another bass since. Good thing I can look for new guitars now.

  • I really like Elixirs for sound, longetivity and feel, but strings really are personal preference I feel.

    Elixirs are not cheap too. 50 quid for a set of bass strings...

  • Yeah, but that can all be adjusted. I recently changed strings on one of my Dad's guitars that was really tough to play because of heavy strings and a high action. A set of 10s and a half turn of an allen key and it's much nicer.

  • I used Tru Oil on the neck of my tele. It’s similar to Tung but easier to work with. Takes a while to apply as you have to rub on many very thin coats but it polishes up beautifully and feels fab.

  • i have the Euro LX 4, it's been the subject of much mirth and merryment on this very thread.

    amazing instruments.

  • 50 quid for a set of bass strings...

    Basses don't need new strings.

  • great question! It is in the spare room where I am keeping my music stuff and needs to be moved on but not got round to it yet. Thanks for the string advice all. Picking back up acoustic and noticed my fingers getting sore already @ffm so will go for 10s I think. And I do a fair bit of bending and some stuff higher up the neck which I think should be another vote for 10s having just read above.

  • @radar Cheers. Don't have a caliper to measure them - if you had to guess on the ibanez what do you reckon? I think I will have the packaging from the last set of washburn strings in my case

  • Fact. My fretless has eight year old Ernie Ball Cobalt Roundwounds and sounds delish!

    Progress report on custom bass <3

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  • want fresh sounding strings? boil 'em in hot water for ten mins.


  • 10's is pretty crazy light for an acoustic, I'd try some D'Addario EJ26 11-52s myself...

  • Tru oil in fewer coats and not polished too highly between coats will be tough and mellow sheen

  • For anyone that likes Telecasters....lovely player. Sounds and looks disarmingly similar to the big lebowski. Definitely worth a follow.­videos­3x4

  • Well, once a year, or so...

  • Also, I did some tinkering

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  • ^^^wot Rick said.

    I play 10s on my electrics (actually about to switch to 9s for a change) and never go lighter than 12 on acoustics. 13s if i'm going to tuning down a lot too.

  • Ah in all seriousness I think the bass strings thing just depends on what type of music you want to play. I'm sure if you're into the whole modern solo six string bass vibe then fresh strings are key!

  • Interested in the routing behind the pickguard - is there a swimming pool underneath, or an x-shaped pickup rout?

  • @rickster @Fatberg ordered D'Addario's x2. one set of 10s and one set of 11s. Will fit the 11s to one of them, see how they are. Can keep the 10s as spares if going to be too light. Cheers

  • Not routed yet but I believe it will be an x-shaped route!

  • six string bass

    Nothing good ever came out of one of those.

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