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  • Idly tempted to flog my Yamaha THR10 and get one of the new ones with bluetooth and built in lithium batts. Wireless guitar too. Seems the ultimate, no stress, living room noodle box.

    Not as exciting as a twin, but would get a bunch more use.

  • Makes sense

  • I think that there are so many other factors and possible fixes that it's not a certainty that it will mess up the tuning. It just seems like one of those design optimisations that, all other things being equal, you should do.

    it's just urban legend as far as tuning stability although it would have an impact of tuning accuracy I'm sure...

    I'm not sure I get that distinction. They both rely on the string moving through the slot on the nut freely don't they. It's just that the former is from playing (especially bending) and the latter is from turning the machine heads.

  • Any chance anyone has a set of p90 cream pups for sale? Ideally true grit Bare knuckles but open to gibson or other. For a 70's tribute sg with mimi humbuckers i have that i wanna swap out.. never owned p90s and keen to give them a rip... Ta

  • Gone dun made a mini guitar rig outta an old 70’s Hacker Consort Radio. Minty fresh for 50yrs old. Hijacked it with a 1/4” jack, some wire and a 9v battery. Sounds fucking gnarly with a mid gain GCI Baracus fuzz slammed in front. Radio still works and is switchable. So I can jam over apocalyptic broadcasts or just use as a mini amp.

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  • You hacked a Hacker?!? 🤪 Awesome... YouTube video please...

  • @tbc use the Yamaha guitar every day. Love it to bits. Gave it some locking tuners, new pot knobs and a set up. Now it’s a Les Paul killer. Back breaker tho. Lol

  • Love it!

  • I'm really pleased to hear it! Have you got another picture of it which shows off a bit more of what you've done?

  • Love that radio. Been meaning to try something similar for a while.

  • I finally finished all the carpentry on my Les Paul and just have finish sanding (fml) to go before it's sent off to paint.

    I've been spending quite a long time looking at what burst I want on it, which led me to Slash's gear page to look at some of his '59s. Firstly he has absolutely impeccable taste, and secondly, that started me jones'ing for a Mockingbird... So next build decided:)

    Unfortunately, I've got loads of time on my hands at home to build it, but can't find anywhere to get the wood from...

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  • Fucking love the radio hack. There’s a pub in Whitstable with loads of valve radios in the window, I always wondered if they could be hacked into guitar amps.

  • Sick. You can 100% do it. Talking to my mate about it at the moment. He’s built a ton of amps and we’re working on a diy project currently. Bit more risky as it’s got enough juice to kill you if you do it wrong. Also a bit of a waste having a lovely valve set up then punching it through a 3” speaker. Lol

  • Any forum-approved, cheap oil/clear coat for a preferably not too glossy, natural wood finish? Body is most probably alder, guitar is a cheap, far eastern Strat copy.
    Current viral situation means long overdue projects are finally getting done...

  • If you want to go natural: Tung oil is where it's at. Mixed with a little bit of orange oil for ease of use.

  • Also I finally got around to take a picture of the guitar!

    Yes, I already swapped the tuners for klusons...

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  • Check out some of the crimson guitar oils. I've used the 'penetrating' on a maple neck and it came out pretty nice.­ategory/finishing/

    Although not sure whether they're still open to order from...

  • I've been using danish oil on my countertops and I've been surprised by how beautiful the finish is - deep and rich. Much easier to use than Tung too. If I had a raw guitar that I wanted a natural finish on, I'd definitely consider it.

  • Cheers, will check it out!

    @christianSpaceman Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I live in Hungary and this stuff isn't available here. :(

    @BleakRefs I read about that too, and it seems more widely available than tung here, thanks!

    I'll get back with some results!

  • Please can someone recommend some strings? the ibanez hasn't probably had new strings for 20 years (got it from a family members loft) and the Washburn maybe 6 years. Noo idea on gauge or anything at all or. Couple of mates who do my stringing for me normally suggested no less than 10 gauge and that a light or medium-light might be best for my playing style. Don't really know what my playing style is mind you. Cheers

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  • Why is there a chair on the bed?

  • What kind of music are you playing on them? Mainly chords? Any string bending? Your friend is right, don't go lighter than 10s... Get your vernier caliper out and measure the bottom string, that'll give you a clue to what strings are on there now...

    No soloing? Chord strums and finger picking? Go with 12s... If you're gonna do fancy bendy stuff maybe stick with 10s...

  • TBH any new strings will make them sound much better. D'Addario are not expensive, and they improved the sound of the acoustic that I'm selling. You probably don't want to get too spendy if you're trying out different gauges. Also worth considering the action and how much you play. If the action is high and you haven't been playing much, go lighter to start with, otherwise you will mash up your fingers.

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