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  • 19 strings and 300 frets?

  • That’s awesome.

  • The SG special I mean.

  • Love it! I always used to play one of these in the guitar shop in my teens but could never afford it.

  • You're going to be shocked I think!

    4 strings.
    21 frets.

    It does have really weird pickups but old school weird. It's even passive!

  • Chose my neck wood this morning! I had a choice between a couple of quartersawn pieces and this lovely riftsawn piece which I decided was the one.

    I've also been offered the most gorgeous piece of reclaimed 100+ year old redwood from a water tower for the body but it feels like it would be a waste to paint it so I'm going to stick with alder on this one. Just hoping he still has that piece of redwood in the future if I can get around to ordering another one :)

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  • Bloody hell, even I don't find either one of those remotely appealing and that's saying something! Victor Wooten has a bloody incredible towable Fodera bass though and I would definitely have that. I actually played a fair few bits bowed on my Jazz bass in my last band!


  • Fodera?


  • Just bought one of these and some new gold top hat knobs for the Riviera. Looks like a right fiddly bastard of a job to fit though. Think i'll probably pay someone to do it.­

    Think i'm going to hold fire on the Bigsby for now. It plays so nicely at the moment... plus I need to sell some more stuff before I'm able to drop more money.

    Got my Tele back at the weekend. So funny to find something that I was so familiar with suddenly feeling "different”. In comparison to the Riviera the (2001 USA) Tele has a baseball bat of a neck, huge frets and a very different feel. The tele feels like a sledgehammer compared to the light, fragile and nimble Epi.

  • First potential headstock design for the custom order, I think he actually used a Cowlings ukulele as the basis before he started photoshopping which explains the obviously not bass tuners and nylon strings. Final version won't have a veneer so it'll just be maple, probably with a simple black purfling border and the MOP inlay. Tuners will be Hipshot Ultralite with a double drop-tuner on E.

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  • Kerrrang!

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  • Looks nice. It's slightly annoying that loads of good looking 3+3 headstock designs give terrible string alignment through the nut.

  • I've almost pulled the trigger on a String Butler soooo many times... Not sure if snake oil but some people say good things about them...

    I need to change the tuners on my Custom so may get one and install it at the same time the new pegs go on...

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  • I put one on my Epiphone SG, but like you I was doing it at the same time as replacing the awful vintage style tuners. I suspect improvements were down to the new pegs, not the butler, but stability did improve.

    Next time I change strings I’ll be taking it off to see if it was worth it. Shallower headstock angle on Epiphones is why I suspect it won’t make much difference. May be different on Gibsons.

  • The G string does catch on the nut a bit, coupled with very old OG wafflebacks it makes tuning a bit more of a pain than I'd like... Price of new period correct tuners is almost AU$200, 😲, so I think I'll leave it for a bit...

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  • Oh wow, those are beautiful. My 1999 teenage purchase got knock-off Grovers for about £20, so trying out the butler for didn’t seem too profligate. I’d happily lend the butler to try, but Aus is probably going a bit far.

  • So weird how the brain works. Mentioned yesterday that I bought gold knobs for the Epi. Just realised they're black. Of course they're black. Why did I think they were gold?


  • I've honestly never had a problem with it on any guitar I've ever owned. I know the theory is good but equally you could argue the effect is the same on a string-through-body bridge or almost any trem unit, I'd almost go so far as to say it's just urban legend as far as tuning stability although it would have an impact of tuning accuracy I'm sure...

  • That headstock it nuts! Love it.

    So i decided to remove the existing wiring harness from the Riviera in anticipation of maybe finding time to install the new one myself. Watched several tutorials, feeling confident. First job, remove the knobs. Use a cloth they said. Couldn't budge em. Protected the top with a cloth and tried to lever one off with a butter knife. Cracked the knob. Did the same with another and the last one I just can't fucking get off.

    I'm a fucking liability.

  • Ah that sucks mate. I use a hot air gun first on anything like that. You can probably get by with a good hair dryer....makes a big difference.

  • Ahhhh. Makes sense. I'm not fussed, they probably won't fit on the new pots anyway and are only a few quid to replace. It was more the facepalmishness of falling the very first hurdle.

  • I can relate, I did a similar thing with a knob on my TV Junior... Managed to pull the shaft out with the knob! Clueless...

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