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  • I'm not a big trem user so wouldn't, but I imagine if you wanted a 335 type specifically to put a Bigsby on you probably wouldn't regret it. They look great on 335s anyway - it's all the other bodies that are too small for them where they look oversized (to my eye).

    That tailpiece looks pure jazz though - I love it. Whatever benefits it claims, I bet it doesn't fulfill any of them :)

  • I just measured my Bigsby, a B3 I think, and the strings leave the top of the roller bar en route to the bridge 18mm above the guitar's top at a point 140mm from the butt of the body... maybe you could figure out a way of transposing that point onto the Riviera and eyeballing the break angle to see if you might need a B7 or not...

    If the only option is a screw-down Bigsby my inclination would be stay with the Frequensator. Tis a handsome thing.

  • No NGD for me, so I'll just post a video instead:­Nbw

  • Thanks Rick. I’ll get the tape measure out.

  • You should come and have jam with Mat, Tim and me dude!

  • Gonna put a new wiring harness in I think and a Bigsby B7.

    If a B70 would do the job, let me know - I've got one I've been meaning to flog for ages, used to be on my old archtop Godin.

  • On the off chance this offer isn't taken up I might be interested... what's the distance from hinge to roller? I've always wanted one for my PRS Tremonti SE...

  • It's about 145mm between those two points. It's this model if that helps any:­/bigsby-b70/

  • Will do some measurements as soon as I can but I suspect it would be too long from googling?

  • Stairway to Kevin is excellent in both name and quality of service.

  • That looks like A LOT of fun... Do it...

  • These look so bloody great!

  • Yeah man I nearly bought one as well. Price looks about right.

  • As a new guitar player that's still learning basic chords and practising changing between them, but also as someone that listens to a lot of metal, how far off being able to properly use a 7 string fanned fret guitar? I really like the sound of a deeper low end and being able to down tune while keeping top end clarity.

  • No reason it should be any more difficult to play than a regular guitar. Just a case or orienting yourself. You might even be at an advantage in that you're not stuck in your six string ways so wouldn't find it as alien as someone making the change? Dunno.

    Big downside would that you're excluding yourself from the massive wealth of regular six string online tutorial info, although might not care about that if you only want to play a specific genre.

    If it were me i'd keep at the 6 string and play about with heavier strings and low tunings for a while first.

  • Shit, just saw this. Thanks man... I was gonna splurge on the USA made one. I know it's only an Epiphone, but I want to have the proper deal thing with the bearings in. Hmmm... how much do you want for the B70?

  • If it were me i'd keep at the 6 string and play about with heavier strings and low tunings for a while first.

    Yup, I'd go with this, H...

  • Ok good, you've stopped me spending unnecessary money.

    But I'm saving the bookmark for this guy, stainless frets, luminlay dots, locking tuners, alder body, maple neck, flamed maple top, ceramic humbuckers and only £250.­ss/SubZero-Generation-Pro-Fanned-Fret-7-­String-Guitar-Ocean-Fade/33SJ

  • I'd like to try some heavy strings and drop tunings and do something a bit different with it... Could be a job for the Epi Wilshire, it's doing fuck all at the moment...

  • So, my guitar arrived and I've been happily practising the last week. Pretty sweet, although I managed to take no proper pics at all.

    Went and bought a Bugera V22 Head along with it. Nice, cheap, tubes, sounds good. At least for my bass-ears

    Now of course I'm thinking about effects and stuff, and bought replacement tuners, elixir strings...

    Went down the rabbit hole. :D

  • I reckon about £70 would do it, or I'm up for swapping for effects and the like. After a small volume pedal / phaser / DI if you've got anything that might fit the bill?

  • I literally just sold a 7 string fan fret this week! There's absolutely no reason you couldn't pick one up now, the fan fret element of the design is no different to playing a regular scaled guitar other than the ergonomics are slightly different but I wouldn't consider it to be a big deal, the fan frets are actually easier to play.

    I tried 7 and 8 string guitars in the last couple of years and they just weren't for me but to be honest that's mostly because my playing is gone to shit these days and my theory and fingerboard vocabulary are nothing like they used to be so I just felt like I wasn't making good use of them. It's just another guitar with strings and frets and if you're a fairly quick learner you'll pick it up no problem!

  • NGD!

  • Oh yeahhh! That's wicked!

    I also paid the deposit on my custom bass today. Build time is estimated at 2-3 months although I suspect it will take longer with all of the goings on lately which I don't mind. Excited for it though!

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