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  • Same. I’ve got two projects on the go as it is. And one of them is my old Epiphone 335, which is in a state of undress.

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  • Blimey - that looks in a state of undress. What are your plans?

  • I’d like a 330 or casino next.

  • A 330 would be the ultimate but they're even harder to find than a 335... @rickster's is the best guitar I've ever played...

  • The plan is to strip all the poly finish and sand it. Then it needs a repair to the fretboard where it’s come away from the neck at the top, and maybe some work done on the frets. I haven’t decided yet, but I might refinish it with Tru Oil. Then it’s going to get new pickups, hardware and wiring.

    Probably all a bit OTT for an old Epiphone, but it has sentimental value for me as I got it for my 21st back in ‘98. It’s an early Korean model and it plays very nicely, so it should be half decent when I’m done with it.

  • This’ll do nicely. Someone lend me thee grand?

    Gibson ES-330 Bigsby 2012 Vintage Cherry

  • Transformer arrived, this thing doesn't disappoint... Less splashy and sustainy than my Twin but I really love it... The lead channel isn't quite to my taste, bit mushy and Boogie-ish, much like the Ice Cube trick you can do on the reverb/vibrato channel of a Twin...

    Super happy!! Great size, only had it up to 3 and that was super loud, will work great as my gigging art rock amp... Will be getting a flight case for it... Now I need to find an art rock band!

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  • Such a cool amp, love it.

  • If you ever see a cheap one, grab it!

    You'll see I'm using my generic settings, everything dimed apart from the master volume... 🤪

  • Ha! You're so extreme!

    My default setting is 6 for everything because 5 is too middle of the road.

    It is awesome. Where's the channel switch? Is it a pull-pot thing?

  • I actually did a gig last weekend. Acoustic duo thing with my buddy Junkpile Mat. Tim the drummer came down too, now we're on the hunt for a bass player... getting there.

  • I've got a millennial 335 dot too - i replaced the tuners and pickups a few years ago. Always hated the black gloss finish tho - very interested to see how this turns out.

  • Wow - that sounds great.

    I don't know a lot about these, is there any worry of sanding through the plys on the top if you're taking it all the way back with a clear finish?


    Just came across these from Lowden - outrageously pretty

  • I'm looking for a guitar tutor and came across this guy's website. It's magnificent, featuring such gifs as

  • i learnt how to shred just by looking at this gif.

  • I just picked up my Stratocaster and discovered my frets have become scalloped after I opened this gif in the vicinity of it.

  • Yeah, I’ll need to be careful not to sand through the top layer, that wouldn’t look good at all. More of a worry is causing the ply to de-laminate by being hamfisted with the heat gun, but all ok so far.

  • Needs more Joe.

  • Stick pictures up of this as you go, I'd be really interested to see them - I've not seen many 335 projects around.

  • @izzymitchi on IG, do it...

  • My Les Paul through the Super Champ's lead channel is pure Marshall awesomeness... Was not expecting this, maybe I should flog the ghetto stack!!? 🤯

  • Is that still with everything on 10? including reverb?!

    Is it Fender tone stacks that just cut and have no boost?

  • Not nearly as cool as a Super Champ, but just dragged out my own Rivera-designed combo to check it still works. 1981-ish Yamaha G100-112, all tranny, about 45lbs (oof) of very very loud and surprisingly warm cleanliness. Two channels, pull fat/pull treble, 3 band EQ plus parametric, quite nice long pan reverb. Cost me £75 without a speaker. Currently has a Deltalite 2512, this could be improved...

    I never realised Jay Graydon and Dean Parks were involved too...­I-8

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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