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  • So I'm thinking of buying a new instrument, because I haven't in like... years.
    I play bass guitar and really want to learn regular guitar, but it just hasn't sparked yet, so I'm thinking baritone. Because... well, lower notes and all? Also I like the sound.

    Is something like this okay-ish?­ss/SubZero-Paradigm-Baritone-Electric-Gu­itar-Black-Burl-Burst/2XGF

    I'm looking for A or B Standard Tuning with an Elixir 12-68 Baritone stringset

    I have considered a 30" Bass VI type guitar, but maybe that'll be too much? The guitar above is 27"

    Any secret tips?

  • Never heard of this one but I've got a 30" Danelectro baritone and it's awesome man! Such a fun guitar. I guess if you can try one of these SebZero ones out for yourself you'll know pretty quickly? Looks pretty nice and it should be fine for A or B tuning!

  • My gut feeling is that a baritone is going to be harder to learn on physically speaking because of the scale length. Your bass fingers/hand size may negate this though...

  • Hope you don't mind me posting a couple of brief thoughts.

    The bottom is absolutely falling out of the bottom of the big valve amp market. I recently picked up a Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 for £300 and I'm thinking I might have paid too much.

    Guitar prices in the future. The best of the best will always hold their value, but I get the feeling that in 10 or 20 or 30 years the market could fall out the bottom of the guitar market as well. Fewer people are playing, those who are have more guitars. I recently was speaking to a guy in a guitar shop who was telling me about a customer of his who had over 370 guitars. I can see a perfect storm on the horizon as people in their 70s who got into guitar in the 1960s or 1970s start dying off in big numbers and their big guitar collections start coming onto an already saturated market with fewer and fewer new entrants.

  • Big valve market is a cycle. There was a time in the nineties when original Marshall cabs were being broke. And burned out the back of shops (true story) because they had so many of them and they couldn't sell the damn things.

    It'll go up and down.

  • I often (briefly) wonder about the LPJs that come on really cheap at some point every year - whether it's worth just putting one in the loft untouched.

    Truth is, there's so many of them made now that they're likely going to be worthless, and there's so little innovation or interesting new stuff in the model that in x years who's going to care about a 2010's copy of a 1950's guitar?

  • I was playing bass in a sludgy band for years and got the guitar itch so I picked up a baritone, it was ok for that niche but beyond that I didn’t find much use for it. We were only a three piece and it didn’t quite fill out the sound enough so I ended up ditching it and going back to bass :/

    In hindsight I wish I’d gone for a Bass VI as it probably would have been a better fit but depends what you want to do with it.

    Definitely think learning on one would be tricky unless you have massive hands, different style of playing though I guess.

  • I got this mint (condition) Danelectro a couple of weeks ago and it is wonderful.
    The Tele feels like a mandolin after a session with it :)

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  • Seeing that headstock makes me sad... In Memphis in the late 90s I passed up an original 50s 3021 with a dolphin headstock just like that one, only because I was unfamiliar with it and had only seen the Coca Cola version... After a little research once I got home I realised how foolish I had been... 😭😭😭

    It was selling for pennies, less than $100 IIRC...

  • That is one nice guitar! What tuning is it in?

    Thanks for all the answers!
    @Nahguavkire I love the look of the Danos. What tuning is yours in?

    @Dramatic_Hammer don't worry, I have quite the ham hands and play a 35" bass. 30" or even 27" scale should feel much more at home as the standard guitar scale anyway. :)

    @bt I'm planning to do some clean finger-picking sounds on it, as well as the obvious sludge sounds, so I'm hoping to keep it versatile.

    I really like the dano guitars, and I've heard good things about their sound and pickups. I'm a little nervous the Humbuckers in the guitar I posted above could sound a little muddy...

  • What tuning is it in?

    It was tuned in A when I picked it up but now its in B .
    There are some useful youtube videos on the Danelectro baritone.

  • The beauty of the Dano is because of the scale length you can actually tune it down to E so it's just the same as a guitar tuning then.

    If you're playing a 35" bass a 30" baritone should be no problem for you at all!!

  • got a slutty picture of the blondes the other week...

    2013/1978/1993 25.5”/30”/22.5”

  • Oh they do look great!

  • Love 'em all...

    Totally forgot Fender issued a Mex DuoSonic in 1993. I used to have a sunburst '63. One of my stupider sales. 22.5" is really quite short though. At least, that's what I tell myself.

  • It's here!!

    Went to buy a transformer but I've got a type B plug, what do I doooo?!?

    Looks beautiful, very, very clean... I wonder what it sounds like?!?

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  • Nice! I have a super champ 600 which only has the volume control, i love it

  • Me too!!

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  • Anyone played any of the recent (2019) Squier Classic Vibe series? I have a hankering for round wounds again but don't want to take the flats off my nice bass, would also be good to have a cheapy that I can take out & not worry about...

  • Haven't played one but I've heard nothing but good things. What model were you thinking of going for?

    What's the budget roughly too?

  • 60's P bass, white with thier new faux-rosewood fretboard. Price wise I'm fine with the 350 area (these are 320) but anything much more than that isn't really worth it as I've already got a very nice P that I'd play more.

    This is what I'm thinking:­0s_p_bass_lrl_owt.htm

  • You'll probably do no better than that for the money unless you want to buy secondhand, looks like a great bass! The only thing around the same price point that I've heard good things about is the Sire/ Marcus Miller ones. I think I'd prefer the Squier myself but they get great reviews.

    Yamaha BB/ Sterling Stingray/ Danelectro Longhorn/ Epiphone Rumblekat are all in budget too...

    Epiphone Embassy Pro does look really nice too though, I think that might actually be my pick :)

  • Looks great - You could get a 2nd hand mexican Fender for that price if you're fussy about the logo on the headstock - The CV series quality and components seem on par and sometimes better than some Mexicans I played recently though.

    The Indian laurel fingerboard on my Mex Tele feels nice and the grain and patterns look great imo. I think you'll like it.

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