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  • This looks superb! Please build it!

  • they're absolutely everywhere...

    Funny, there are only 250 of the 1997LE 1987x's supposedly, but yeah, I think they did a lot of different models in the 35th anniversary colours so I guess it seems like a pretty common 'limited' edition!

  • You can absolutely list stuff as collection only on Reverb.

    I do think the "people don't want big amps anymore" is a bit overplayed as an excuse for offering a pittance for decent quality gear. Sure there are more practical solutions for most of us, and digital tech has come a long way, but the experience of Marshall stack on 10 will always be the foundation of a whole swathe of music history that can be approximated but not recreated without the real thing.

    I wonder how long it will be before industry infuencers start bemoaning the feel and depth of frequency that was lost in the big amp cull of the oughties and the prices start coming up again. I'd hang on to it if I were you.

  • 100%.

    We've not needed 100watters since the 90s and the advent of decent PAs in venues. But it isn't about need. Big amps are a culture too.

    I sometimes wonder if the doom / sludge revival in the 2010s was partially down to the fact that big old amps suddenly became super cheap. I know loads of mindbendingly heavy bands who wouldn't have a sound if they weren't able to pick up cheap old Laneys for chips prices.

  • Sell me your unwanted, unwieldy amplifiers!!!

    Anyone flogging an early 70s HiWatt stack? I can make you a ludicrously low offer!!

  • Even BITD my Twin felt like a massive carbunkle, too heavy, unnecessarily loud... Not very practical when you're playing at the Falcon on a Tuesday night and you're getting a lift in the singer's mum's 2CV... We used to get two Twins into that little car, amazing...

  • You’re probably right - these things are cyclic and there are plenty of stories about people picking up gear for pennies when it’s out of fashion and then years later finding it’s now very desirable.
    A quick look on eBay shows a wide range of asking and sold prices for 1960a cabs - probably speaker dependent tbf.

    Either way it has got me looking for a cheap silver jubilee half stack... Should have bought the one I saw in about 2000 for £500

  • The thing about big cabs is less about sheer volume and more about feel I reckon. Moving air through a couple of 4x12s doesn't even have to be ear-splitting to be felt in the chest and guts. It's whole different thing... and it does translate into recorded sound as well I think. You can totally tell from a well recorded guitar sound whether it was a played though 1x8 or 8x12s.

  • I'd love a cheap 4x12 to mess about putting things though.

  • the experience of Marshall stack on 10

    Alas, I can barely get the pot above zero before having the police show up! I don't need to sell in the slightest and it certainly has sentimental value having had it for 20 years, but the reality is that I haven't used it for the last 5 other than to check it still works! I almost sold it 10 years ago as it happens, but sold a Mesa Rectoverb 1x12 combo I had instead. I got a great price for the Mesa, but I think if I'd kept that and sold the Marshall at least it would've got played.

  • Mmm stacks. Myself and a mate visited Joseph Kaye Guitars before xmas and he was casually handing us genuine blackguards which were plugged into a JTM and two 4x12s on a setting of, erm, quite loud. It was awesome. I can only imagine that his workshop neighbours are resigned to the fact that he doesn’t give a fuck.

  • Well, I've ebay'd it - I don't necessarily expect it to sell, but I may as well see if there's interest.

  • I just went and had a little middle-aged punk rocker shred because of this post... I'll send the neighbours your way... 😘

  • Yes, totally! Putting my little 15w laney through a 4x12 sounded absolutely massive at a semi-reasonable volume.

  • New guitar day!

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  • Your avatar is apt!

  • Nice little stable, which is the new one, the Tele?

  • Yeah it's a Player series - am loving having a 22nd fret tbh

  • And NGD here too

    There’s a bit of chunk out the side of the headstock - worse than I was expecting, but fine, I wouldn’t have bought it at full price and it doesn’t affect the playing.

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  • NGD was Tuesday for me, it’s a Sunn Mustang Strat. These were made in the 80s by Fender in an Indian factory. The pickups and hardware are nothing special, but the mahogany bodies and the necks are excellent. The rosewood fretboards in particular are lovely.

    My first guitar 26 years ago was a used one of these, and I still have it. This new one is in lovely condition, not bad for £100 off eBay! From the two guitars, I’m going to build one really good one, with modern hardware, wiring and pickups.

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  • That looks great for £100! Is it my eyes or is that a real chunky headstock?

  • I’m just trying to get my fingers moving again after many many years of not touching a guitar. Any recommendations for scale-type exercises? I had a book years ago with increasing varieties and complexities which was pretty good but god knows where that’s gone.

  • Semi snap!

    Just took my tele out the case for the first time and found a massive crack across the back, which I think is just the plastic lacquer stuff 😬
    It got some serious abuse when I was gigging!

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  • New to this thread - any advice welcome. I'm looking for a cheap-ish bass suitable for someone who can play the guitar a bit but is a complete beginner on bass. I've been thinking a jazz bass is the way to go (slightly narrower neck?, and I'm aiming towards 70s funk in terms of musical style) or even a short-scale bass (but maybe people would advise against this?). Being middle-aged and prone to nostalgia I'm quite drawn to the Squier classic vibe jazz bass guitars, but I can't really justify £300+ at the moment as a beginner. Anyone in London got something along these lines knocking around that they don't play any more? Or any suggestions about where or what to look for?

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