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  • what's the point of fanned frets?

    t'bird shaped anything is a win all day long.

  • The idea of fanned frets is that the scale length on the lower strings is longer than on the higher strings which provides better string tension and intonation, also the shape is more ergonomic for hand positioning.

  • Love it, thank you - am following back

  • Mate, that is great! I lozzled and liked.

    Difficult to hear though. Can you dump the audio into Logic and master it?

  • Thanks for the feedback! I'll give it a bash this eve, I think you can master after upload

  • Been rocking the BB box for in front of telly noodling following the latest installment of ACPG. I knew about it previously and got reminded again by Eric Haugen last year. Nice to have a few new tricks up the sleeve. It's all tricks innit.

    Still on the Dadrock Odyssey to learn all the solos I always loved but was too punk to attempt to learn. Finding it really satisfying. I'm basically absorbing all the Chuck Berry, Hendrix, David Rawlings, BB King, Albert King, Peter Green, early ZZ Top, AC/DC and Jimmy Page I can.

    Also have saved all of the Barrie Cadogan videos I can find on my phone and will watch them until I've nicked all of his tricks. ALL THE TRICKS.

  • The ongoing exercise is me realize that I never even attempted to learn any Jimi solos before. Weird really as his rhythm parts were everything to me when I started playing.

    I'd always kind of assumed that that his solos were this unachievable apex of divine inspiration and fire which was pointless trying to replicate.... that I didn't want to sound like a dad in pub covers band.

    But now I AM a dad in a covers band (sort of) I've been lifting the lid on a few tracks and finding it loads of fun to understand a couple of the habits and tricks he used.

  • Off to my covers band rehearsal tonight... Over-equipped and under rehearsed... 🤪

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  • Took a break from looking for a guitar due to some work travels. I'd pretty much decided on the yamaha pacifica 112v - seemed slightly better value than the squire vibe's models, even if its a bit bland. I'd been thinking about a PRS but was taken aback about how ubiquitous they are now - back in the day the were very uncommon - so that put me off. I had a yamaha s-copy as a backup previously which was great (had a pronounced V neck which I liked, but seem hard to find now), so thats kind of driving my thinking too.

    However, just came across this: PRS . £300 for an ex-demo SE. Any reason not to? Anything better for £300?

    I've had a look at second hand, but worry about buying sight unseen: very hard to judge condition from a pic.

    On amps, its Katana 50 vs THR10, and both are fairly remarkable for the price. The THR10 is more in line with what I want but I prefer what I see of the Boss modelling software, available patches and suchlike. Prob go for THR10.

    decision, decisions

  • Got my TE-52 back from the luthier. He polished the frets and got rid of the fret sprout as well, put a set of EB Super Slinkies on (9). Whole procedure was cheap and only took a few hours.
    However the action is still high. I was in a rush and stupid enough not the check it at the shop.
    Gonna fiddle a bit with the truss rod I guess. The whole thing is a LOT more playable now though, it's very comfy, but I need those strings to be a bit lower.
    Will post some proper pics later on.

    Also, next project is to strip my Strat copy of its black paint and have a natural wooden finish on it instead.

  • Over-equipped and under rehearsed

    Ideal combo imo, esp if you throw in 'over drugged' and 'underslept'. It's the touring way!

    Also I forgot I actually had somethign to add to this thread. I've flogged all my posh guitars in a fit of post-Xmas rue and lamentation, and just to have something to play, I picked up one of these £100 Squier Bullet Mustangs:

    I'll be honest, I was not expecting to enjoy it, but it's a total blast. Paint job is great. Frets are a bit gritty but they'll even out. Even the setup was pretty decent, though I'll be putting thicker strings on. Pickups are hot, noise is minimal, brilliant fun. Only thing I don't like about it is its lack of trem but christ, £100, there's nothing to complain about really. If you're after something cheap I thoroughly recommend.

  • I've got a chunk of ash worktop left over from my kitchen build and i'm thinking about having a crack at building a tele - but also fiddling with the shape a little bit...sacrilege or no ?

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  • Looks great to me. That little pokey out nodule at the bottom of a tele always annoyed me.

  • Looks like the cutaway is slightly smaller, so access to the top frets might be an issue.

    I like the way that the bridge pickup and back edge of the scratchplate matches the angle of the body above the neck (where the strap stud would go). If you were to angle the end of the body (behind the bridge, lowest in the picture) to match, then you'd be getting into Jazzmaster territory.

    Out of interest have you tried mocking up different angles of the control plate?

    EDIT: Aha! The Jazzmaster/Tele mashup already exists in the form of the FSR

  • I like it, it has a touch of the Danelectro Pro 1 and Charvel Surfcaster about it... Do it!

  • You could even call it your kitchar.

  • I like your shape a lot - go for it.

    I've been trying to remember the name of a custom company that makes similar, slightly squarish shapes that popped up here (although it could have been a couple of years ago...). They were possibly Canadian... Anyone remember, it's been bugging me?

  • Anyone have preferred ways to sell their old gear? I've got a Marshall 1987X head and 1960AX cab (35th Anniversary Limited edition no less...) that I'm considering selling. I'm not sure I could be bothered with the rigmarole of shipping something that big, heavy, and delicate, but if I stick it on will I inevitably wind up having to ship it if I actually want it to sell? Alternatively, anyone know of any London shops that might be interested?

  • There are a loads of boutique builders selling guitars for top dolla that are basically re-worked Teles and Jazzmasters, so go for it. Thinking seriously about it myself, as it happens. I do like your more angular take on the shape - looks original to me, and nicely balanced. If you’re going to make it truly your own, you could change the headstock shape as well.

  • Yes! Thanks, I've been scrabbling for that name for a while

  • Not sure if you can specify collection only on Reverb but that’s what I did when I sold my 1960a on eBay.
    Not much interest mind - in the end someone from Angel music (Denmark st) won it for well under half the new price. He reckoned no-one was buying big amps and just rented them as and when (hence him buying everything he could get his hands on to rent out)!
    Might be different with something a bit collectable though. Just checked and my cab went for £160 😭

  • Ha, yes, this is what I was afraid of - it really is a massively impractical amp, but I'd keep it rather than letting it go for peanuts! It's the same as this head:­hall-1987x-35th-anniversary-1997?gclid=C­j0KCQiApaXxBRDNARIsAGFdaB-rv9IU9M4AsULG7­Gw3aCbrihjTzlCVZT9vUhh-uSARusuTc_fqaOIaA­kqTEALw_wcB&merchant_id=112166490&pla=1&­utm_campaign=1726164661&utm_medium=cpc&u­tm_source=google

    but with the matching white 4x12 cab. I'd hope for near £2k for the pair, but yes, I doubt there'd be much interest! I guess I could just eBay it with a reserve price to see.

  • Thanks all - I’ll give it a go - if the body turns out looking half nice I’ll look at headstocks

  • Odd, they go for a lot here in Oz and they're absolutely everywhere... Mine were super cheapies but I waited for ages and sniped them off Facebook...

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