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  • Sub 300 for the HW1? that's a bit of a bargain isn't it?

  • They come up around the £700 mark used from a quick google.

  • I put Suhr Woodsheds in mine - like them so far, they are definitely a more vintage voiced sound, not too hot.

  • On pedalboards which way round does the velcro go, by convention? Is the woolly side stuck to the board and the plastic hooky side stuck to the pedals or vice versa?

  • Anyone have any particular experience re making acoustic guitars sound as nice as possible when playing out through a PA? Full disclosure, I have a very limited understanding of guitar tech/sound tech/any tech. I have a little Tanglewood parlour (­uct/twjpe/) that I use for gigs. I really like it - I like the size and the bright tone, it does everything I need for bluegrassy/folky stuff. But, I'm not that happy with the sound I'm getting when playing it live. I'm putting it through a LR Baggs acoustic DI which is a big improvement and I'm sure I can get some more control/enhancement from that. But, I still feel that the raw signal from the entry-level Fishman electronics must be improvable. Looks like ~£350 for a decent step-up in pick-up/preamp etc, anything else anyone would recommend? Decent clip-on mic an option work thinking about or just a pain in the arse re feedback etc?


  • Sub 300 for the HW1? that's a bit of a bargain isn't it?

    Well, it's not got the OG neck on it, but (apparently) has an official Fender replacement.

  • My Harley Benton TE-52 has finally arrived.

    • ding at the bottom of the body (B-stock, thought something like this will be presetn)
    • action is high, will need adjustment
    • fret ends are a bit sharp, will need some sanding


    • was cheap
    • holy fucking hairy ass balls it sounds amazing (but then I never had any remotely good guitars before so...)
    • neck is surprisingly comfy
    • just look at it how bloody cool it is

    For the price I couldn't wish for more. It's such an enormous step-up compared to my other guitar, both in terms of sound and comfort. And for fuck's sake it's GORGEOUS!!!
    Stays in tune too. Sounds like a telly, twangy as it gets.
    Will get the setup sorted asap then play the hell out of it.

    Excuse the shitty photo, and the still present protective films on some parts. Took the pic right after getting it out of the box.

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  • That's a great looking guitar! A proper set up dress the fret ends and you'll be rocking. Down the line, you could swap in a real bone nut, some nicer compensated saddles, pots and switch and have something as good as anything I reckon. Would cost bugger all too.

    Happy NGD matey.

  • Cheers! As much of a tinkerer I am, I think I'll leave it stock for a while. After that while passes... who knows.

  • Those Fishman undersaddle pickups are always pretty iffy sounding IMO. Take a look at the K&K Pure Western Mini set up, it’s basically three bridgeplate bugs, gets a fair amount of love, should sound nice through the Baggs. Yep, steer clear of the clip-on mics. Personally I use a soundhole magnetic and eq it to death but that’s not for everyone.

  • ^what Rickster said. I have the K&K thing too. Sounds pretty decent.

  • Thanks mate, will definitely look into this! I'm basically stuck trying to work out whether I need a new guitar (well, whether i want one...) or if I just want to improve how it sounds when amplified...

  • You're not alone. I seem to have inexplicably reached this whiskery stage in life lacking an acoustic that I (a) completely adore and (b) can plug in, being stuck with a Tama dread (has pickup, bit knackered, needs a neck set, not worth it) and a 50s Epiphone (sounds great, total horse to play, don't want to drill it). Last night I dreamed I bought my Collings back...

  • Glad the amp is working again Al! I felt guilty having hyped silverface Vibroluxes so much.

  • Regardless of the question, Collings is the answer.

  • I'd forgotten you sold the Collings... 😬

    In other gitar (sic) related news, new plates look sick...

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  • Still mulling over the Gibson Les Paul studio from 2007. Seller is firm on 500.
    Happened to be walking through my village today and saw an ad in the papershop for a 1983 fender 'Dan Smith 2' with hard case. No dings. Didn't have my phone so couldn't take a photo of the ad. Wrote down the sellers number to see if it's still available. He was asking 800 ono. Any thoughts from the thread? I'm not a guitar nerd and don't know very much! Looked identical to this

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  • The slightly infamous two-knob Strat. Cost-cutter model with somewhat unloved bridge... was it Schaller-made? 12” radius board. Some can actually be good but I wouldn’t throw myself at it. Not when you could get a pretty ace 60s reissue for less.

  • two knob one yeah! serial number is consistent with 1983-85 american made strats. Literally round the corner so going to take a look anyway. Cheers @rickster
    need to do lots more research before dropping anywhere near that kind of money

  • I may be shifting a US Tele sunburst from 2001, if anyone’s interested.

  • My USA tele is a 2001. Neck and body and control plate are only original bits left. I luv it tho. Post pics!

    @rickster, don’t feel bad mate. All you did was suggest VRRI was a better bet than the DRRI. Granted that made me add original VR’s to the search and I’m really glad I did! Super fucking happy with what I got for the money. Super happy full stop. It’s thing of beauty.

  • I read it as SITAR.

    You are a daft bastard. A brilliant daft bastard. I dig it!

  • I51TAR must have been taken...

    Made me smile.

  • Broken left ring finger means I can't really play at the moment but checked it out anyway and was able to do a small test. Sounded gorgeous even through a basic 5 watt amp playing. So original, one tiny ding and unfortunately missing the push in whammy bar. The guys brother got it new and he inherited it 20 years ago. Seller is left handed so had it strung accordingly for years but barely used it.

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  • Clean! Mind you a missing trem arm on one of those might be a biiiiiig problem.

    TS, amazing... slowclap.gif

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