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  • It’s still there! All the usual suspects and a new Gibson dealer too.

  • Angel’s gone tho.

  • Great, he’ll be like a pig in shit then. Thanks

  • This place had some cool stuff:

  • Just ordered another one of those Harley Benton isolated power plant Jrs. Outrageous value.

    Was just deciding what to put on the board to take out to first rehearsal session with the new amp and was taking off the reverb and tremolo because i have them in the amp now... but the amp tremolo seems not to be working. Was fine last week but just nothing. Could be the switch? Not sure.

    Anyway, put the T-Rex Tremster back on for now. This is going to sound totally sacrilegious but... I think I prefer it to amp tremolo anyway. *cringes

    Obviously, Fender tube amp spring reverb is a thing of rare beauty but although the tremolo in these Silverfaces is good... honestly, I think a good pedal can sound as good or better. Anyway, at least i'm not too bummed about the trem packing up for now. I'll look into it soon enough.

  • I have a question; Ballad of El Goodo guitar sound, phaser?

  • This seems to pretty much nail it.­NRg

  • Urquhart Guitars Leo. I'm smitten <3

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  • I'm a little bummed about this but I've had a large bill so needs must - I'm flogging off a few bits:

    Fender Jaguar (CIJ) in sunburst - £500
    Esp LTD EC-256 in black with bigsby - not very glam but a proper Les Paul workhorse, even has switchable pups - £150
    MXR Carbon Copy Delay - £100
    Orange Micro Dark head and cab - £100
    EHX Triangle Fuzz - £70
    Mooer Yellow Compressor - £40

  • What’s the amp like? Does it do clean well, or can it only ROAR?

  • It's tiny tiny tiny - even smaller than the Tiny Terror.

    I think you probably could run a proper cab off it, it's 20w, but I've always thought of it as something to use at home (or stick in your guitar bag as a backup) more than anything else. It goes quite dirty but you can keep it clean - surprisingly good for surfy stuff too, nice sharp attack.

  • Ouch. Sorry to hear that mate. I’d probably be up for a couple of bits but I’m hurting after buying the amp

  • My pickups finally arrived - ended up getting a deal on a pair of Suhr Woodsheds. In yet another sign of impending decrepitude, I decided against anything too hot.

    I'm going to have to fire up the dremel and start putting this thing together!

  • String trees have arrived in just 19 days from Ali, what a pleasant surprise!
    My humbucker cover on the other hand is still in transit since early October, let's see if I can get it by the holidays... Also, I should get a black nut too.

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  • Suhr Woodsheds

    Oh yes.

  • Something something black nut

  • Beginning to look guitar shaped! Need to do the wiring and get my mate to cut the nut. Then stick on the string tree and strap locks and done.

    Pretty easy really - the only vaguely nerve wracking bit is fitting the tuners. Therapeutic, I can see why people like rolling their own.

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  • Very nice. Now I've got a nice giggable amp I definitely see a partcaster in my future.

    Are they mother of pearl inlays? And which tuners did you go for?

    My next guitar purchase will probably be fully hollow electric of some description tho. Would love an ES330 but given budget considerations a Casino is more likely. Must have bigsby.

  • Lovely job! ^^

    I want a 330 too, or a 335... Casino would be ace too... Another Super Champ just popped up on Reverb but it suddenly occurred to me that it'll be 110v, I don't think it has a voltage selector on it like a Twin, anyone know? I'm skint tho', blew all my cash on our new car!! 😭

  • Step down transformers aren't expensive. Both of my amps are 110v. the transformer fits in the back of the champ cab and I basically forget it's there.

    The one I got with the Vibrolux is much bigger and sits on the floor. No major hassle really.

  • Got a session booked in with a drummer and a mate with whom i'm going to share guitar and bass duties next week.

    I have an old Hartke bass head (rack unit really) in the attic and just started looking at bargain bass cabs. Amazing what you can get for the money these days.

  • The inlays are abalone. Almost all the hardware is Gotoh, finished in nickel as I prefer the look to chrome. The pickguard is bakelite which I'm not that impressed with tbh. Needed some dremelling to get it to fit and it has a very sharp, square edge. Think I'm going to have to radius it as the feel is irksome.

    Finishing the neck with tru oil, rather than nitro took ages but was worth it - a month on, it feels completely silky, should be really nice to play.

    I'd like a hollow body too....maybe an Eastman. Though I reckon an amp has to be the next project....

  • Anyone after an acoustic? I may have a 6-string dreadnought going pretty cheap pretty soon.

  • Anyone after an acoustic? I may have a 6-string dreadnought going pretty cheap pretty soon.

    I'm interested!

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