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  • Offer on Super Champ accepted, here we go!

  • \o/

    Strewth on the possible Solton price. Good stuff!

  • What do you reckon on tweed deluxe clones Rick?

  • No personal experience, soz, though clones are legion and suspect any no-name kit build will likely be very hard to resell... maybe worth trying to find a clean used Rift/Gartone level Deluxe copy, more dough but you could get more of your money back out.

    A friend has an actual 56 and it is phenom. Question is, are any Deluxes loud enough? This is something I Do Not Know.

  • I’ve just bought a 1963 Decca hi-fi amp with a guitar-jack input and built-in speaker. Hasn’t arrived yet but I can see from the pics on the advert that it’s an EL84 tube amp. Says it’s “untested” which I assume means “broken”. Anyone recommend someone in London who could repair it?

  • I use Frank at JPF Amps in Denmark St. He’s great.

  • Hmmmm the kit (just the parts) is worth about 700 quid. Looks well made, not that fussed about resale... been watching vids. I’m kinda tempted.

  • When I started looking “loud enough to compete with drums” was a thing but none of my attempts at finding a drummer have borne fruit so now all bets are off.

  • I know. I yearn for amps for which I have no gig. Oh! Dunno if he’s your kinda drummer but my mate Tim is merely in Whitstable, bandless, AND he has a practice shed.

  • Cranked tweed deluxes are loud as fuck. Definitely loud enough to go with drums for most stuff I reckon. I still want to build my own!

  • I'd go for a Ceriatone. They're reputable enough clones to have resale value and they sound great from what I've heard!

  • What are you waiting for?!?

  • Put us in touch! Immediately.

    I'm sat here on a day off, shopping for amps and practicing Ribot tricks without a band to call my own

  • Snap. I bought a new bass amp on my last day off. So if you need a bassist...

  • There's a guy in Brissy selling a '59 Framus semi acoustic and he's chucking in a free Fender amp... I could be very wrong but it really looks like an early 80s Fender, could it be a fucking Super Champ?!? I've asked for more pics... Looks very close but the text doesn't look quite right... What do you think?

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  • Not even close! 😂😂😂

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  • Ha! Slightly different prospect that. Cool guitar tho!

  • I had a red sparkle finish Framus solid body for a bit. Mate brought a load of stuff over from Tchermany to flog on commission here. It looked great and sounded good through a Twin too but it was a pig to keep in tune. /csb

  • Amp arrived badly packaged and case has taken a bit of a knock and cracked the wood. But all looks relatively intact inside. No power cable though, so I can’t test it. Anyone know the name what I need or where I can get it?

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  • Inside is looking very 1963.

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  • Shit plugs but way better than US ones... Travel adaptor and away you go...

  • Time for me to join this thread.
    I've got my first electric guitar almost half a lifetime ago. Needless to say, it's your standard cheap far-eastern Strat copy, with the shittiest components you can get. I never bought another electric guitar, this is my one and only (alright, I have a bass too, but that's different).

    Earlier this year I was curious if I could make it better by buying the cheapest pre-wired pickguard from AliExpress. I mean, it looked better, but it sounded like ass.

    Me being broke and lazy in general, didn't re-do the process, instead I've ordered some new bits off AliExpress. I wanted to keep the black scheme, but I rarely ever use the upper two pickups, so I went with a single humbucker + volume knob layout, for them nice minimal looks. Currently waiting for a simple black pickup-cover, and a proper metal volume knob to arrive.

    I've also received some cheap machine heads too, not because these are considerable upgrades by any means, but because they're black...

    Hopefully it'll be finished pretty soon. I'll remove the logos from the headstock, fully and properly ground the cavities, fix the tremolo bridge in place, and do something about the fret sprout.
    I also wholeheartedly welcome any ideas that don't require $$$. :)
    PS: does anyone know what's the name of the two small metal clips on the headstock that hold the upper four strings in place? I want them in black...

  • Haha! Looks fun.

    Not sure what you could do about the frets with non specific tools. Maybe keep an eye out for a s/h squire neck?

    And I think you mean string trees.

    Good luck!

  • Fret sprout is solved very simply with a file. Get stuck in. If something disastrous happens you can use it as an excuse to buy a nicer neck.

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