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  • Epiphone and Squier are the budget brands of Gibson and Fender respectively - They put together really good stuff. Take him to a guitar shop, get a gauge on his tastes.

    I'd suggest a 2nd hand Squier Stratocaster (they're slim, light, versatile and abundant on 2nd hand market) and ask his teacher to 'setup' the guitar for him.

  • Second that, I'd even suggest getting a good setup done by a good guitar tech, can turn a cheap guitar into a very playable one.

    The worst thing you can do to a beginner is give them a pig to play, it saps the enjoyment out of it!

  • Fucking eBay. I was winning that guvnor on Tuesday night, auction finished yesterday. Just checked and the listing seems to have vanished. Nothing in my live or missed bids Nothing in the search, it’s just gone. Assume cunty seller just didn’t get stupid money he hoped for and deleted all evidence of having offered it? Is that a thing? I hate eBay.

  • You can remove listings but only with a 'good' reason and I think people get blacklisted if they do it too much. I removed a synth after I discovered it was damaged (no bids, BIN) and still got a hefty warning spiel from them.

  • It was going for £85 with no reserve. I had a max of £115 on it but guess they just wanted more. Annoying.

  • Not in your Purchases list?

    I've won items without getting a notification before.

    Took me about four days to notice and pay.

  • I have a couple of nice electrics but also bought a £50 secondhand Squire Strat to take to guitar lessons by bike - didn’t want to crash with a pricey guitar - and it’s great. Clearly it’s not as refined as the US Strat but at a fraction of the price it’s amazing. Sure your son would get great use out of one. And at £50 you could have a Tele and a Strat!

  • @JLaw does your son have any favourite guitarists/ artists? Perhaps that could help narrow down their choice for first electric guitar? Having a guitar like your hero is pretty damn cool when you're 8 (or 30 for that matter).

  • Great advice... I always wanted a white Jaguar, had to wait til I was 50 to get one... I often wonder how different my playing style would have been if I'd managed to get one instead of my Tele Deluxe when I was starting out...

  • Tele deluxe is quite the weapon though.

    Sold my Vox. Cash stashed in the drawer for something else.....

  • Tele Deluxes are amazing. I never realised the guy from Isis used one until I saw them live and then I realised you can use them for almost everything, even drop B sludge.

  • I bought one because it was the cheapest Fender you could buy at the time... And I wanted a '72 Thinline but hated the Tele headstock back then, so the Deluxe was perfect... But I always wanted a Jag for the whammy...

    I loved that I could get Poison Ivy tones as well as high energy Detroit things to sound cool... And it does a great impression of Cyril Jordan's plexi Dan Armstrong too!

  • My Rat arrived after n Friday. Haven’t had the chance to plug in yet. Hoping tonight...

  • Tele Deluxes are rad. My mate has an early 2000’s squire one which is fun for cheeps. Definitely second the getting the guitar his favourite band use theory. My first proper guitar was a pointy headstock locking trem superstrat because 80s poodle rock and it never did me any harm...

  • I bought a fake book to learn a few standards. After a couple of hours I can play a fairly bog standard Autumn Leaves with a bit of vaguely cogent noodling over the changes. Given that’s about as easy as they come my respect for jazz players is going pretty exponential right now...

    Will have a butchers at Round Midnight next, if I don’t suffer an altered chord meltdown...

  • Nice. when I very first starting out on guitar I took lessons from a jazzcat and learned some therory, some flowery chords and absolutely no knowledge of how to use it. I stopped paying attention after less than a year and went off to do Mudhoney covers with my mates instead.

    Years later I tried to teach myself the dots but it never stuck. I keep a few songbooks about though. I have a really nice Nick Drake one and a few other theory books such the Guitar Grimoire. Hardly ever look at them to be honest. A mate at uni had a complete Beatles score which had every note of every part written and tabbed out. It was enormous and I coveted it.

  • Which Nick Drake book do you have?

    I’m in the middle of re-formatting all the Chris Healey tabs into a book format so that I can print them off and keep them in a binder. Taking ages!

  • Errrr... I think it's just called A Treasury. Same tracks as the compilation album of the same name. If i'm honest I'm not sure I've ever spend much time with it as I was a novice picker when I bought it years ago an dfound it all a bit intimidating. I'm still pretty rudimentary but at least not a total novice any more. I'm much more comfortable in odd tunings these days too... I should dig it out.

  • I'd still love to print this.

    all 1980 pages.

  • Actually I probably only want up to Desire so 708 pages. Double sided A4 and ringbound. Wonder what that would cost?

  • If you can do it at work, free!

  • True but that would involve staying late so...

  • I was watching this dude doing Nick Drake the other day, can't believe the finger positions are so simple... Next project... After the Skip James stuff...

  • Ooh, I might see if I can get a bit further than Black Eyed Dog.

    Cheers! :)

  • I did a sort of Nick Drake Five Leaves Left tribute night at the Betsey Trotwood last week. Learned Riverman, took me bloody days to get the timing, then found my singer couldn't manage it. So we then worked out Saturday Sun and Clothes Of Sand (lovely EADGCE tuning on that) only to discover Peter Bruntnell had nabbed them both. So with about 3 days to go we switched to Way To Blue and Time Has Told Me. Uuurgh...

    It's only when to really try to suss the Drake stuff that you realise how amazing he was.

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